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Ignored LRH: Hazing and Ron’s Journal 1968

Many of us know about the initiation of harsh punishment and severe reality adjustments which began in the late 1960s with the formation of the paramilitary Sea Organization and the issuing of KSW#1 which made doubting LRH a High Crime.

What is not generally known is that Ron Hubbard evidently had second thoughts about the effects he had created.

Plain Old Thetan located a long ignored Flag Order and a mysteriously undocumented Ron’s Journal of 1968. I think you will find both fascinating.

Ignored LRH: Hazing and Ron’s Journal 1968

I was rearranging the stuff in my Scientology library last week and found a copy of the Sea Org Product 2 pack. Sea Org Product 2 is, as far as I can tell, like Staff Status II for Scientology Org staff members; it’s a set of policies that supposedly guide the actions of a Sea Org member. The title of the pack was Keys To Competence Graduate Course, dated 1990. On page 47 in the pack, I found a very short bulletin:

Who’ve thunk it? There’s an actual Flag Order specifically FORBIDDING physical punishment of Sea Org members. It also forbids hazing (subjection to harassment or ridicule). And it’s a Comm Ev offense!

It would seem that LRH realized the problems that would arise from hands-on arbitrary punishment of Sea Org members.

The next thing I noticed is that, based on the reports that DM physically assaults people or orders the physical assault of people or orders the ridicule of people, is that another bulletin is being violated:

Which then reminded me of KSW #1, where Ron stated:

The most trouble in the past two years came from orgs where and executive in each could not assimilate straight Scientology. Under instruction in Scientology, they were unable to define terms or demonstrate examples of principles. And worse, it could not be straightened out easily because neither of these people could or would duplicate instructions.

That’s all very familiar. But I looked at it again and noticed that Ron said neither person could or would duplicate instructions. I look at this and say “any Sea Org member who physically assaults other Sea Org members either had study bugs, or service facsimiles and evil purposes preventing the assimilation and application of straight Scientology”.

So, we can now identify some more of the factors inside the Church leading to the current situation.

  1. Recruiting into or admitting to the Sea Org people with study bugs.
  2. Recruiting or allowing people in the Sea Org who alter straight LRH to accommodate their service facsimiles and evil purposes.
  3. Recruiting or allowing people in the Sea Org who have not really been audited and who are incomplete on Grade II (overts and withholds) and Grade III (compulsively changing things that don’t need changing) and Grade IV (service facsimiles – unchanging situations in life).

If you haven’t heard it yet, Ron’s Journal 1968 has Ron discussing outnesses in the Church needing reform. Given the date of the HAZING issue, it seems that it was issued in part to address public perception and disapproval of extreme Sea Org activities.

What I heard in that lecture was LRH clearly defining the role of the Sea Org as well as additionally apologizing for the way that Class 8 was used to invalidate existing auditors. He additionally announces a number of reform actions that would make the existence of DM’s church impossible.

What? You haven’t heard it?

Then listen to it  here and tell me what you hear.

— Written by Plain Old Thetan

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Anna  on December 21st, 2010

Wow. Thank for finding and publishing that issue!

Watchful Navigator  on December 21st, 2010

Phenomenal article!

RJ68 is highly recommended as it was an eye-opener for me. I don’t know why, but it has been missing from the LRH catalog, at least for the public.

I would be very interested in hearing from Sea Org members who can shed more light on how this vital piece of LRH’s legacy was suppressed and how available it really was to them. Did Sea Org members have access to this or get to hear it? How long has it been suppressed?

It is criminally written out of history in the hard-back edition What is Scientology? where we are supposed to find a “comprehensive history” of all the materials. It’s simply not there!

Centurion  on December 23rd, 2010


I am almost speechless. I never heard this RJ before. Tonight was my first time. Is it even available to general Scn public in orgs anymore? Unbelievable data. It was so nice hearing Ron so relaxed and upbeat. And hearing him talk about his family and their participation was so nice. What a tragedy that just a short time later Ron and Mary Sue were separated, Quintin was dead, and DM was running it all. What in the world happened??

Hearing him talk about OT 7 and 8 in 1969 was very interesting.

And yes, you are right that the abusive, oppressive world of DM-ology could NOT exist in such an environment heard in this lecture.

Wow. What an inspiring lecture. It really helped to rehab some of my earliest sense of adventure that Scientology was supposed to be, but failed to be due to corruption of tech and application.

Thank you so much, David. This is the first time I have heard this lecture and it was a very special moment for me. Perhaps I am in the minority of those who have not heard this. But if this is something rare, then it needs to be available to all. Especially those inside. They will have some major cognitions if they hear this. Because as we all know, the world of Scientology they exist in, is NOT what we hear in the lecture.

DM’s lunacy now stands in even starker contrast that before. And before it was quite stark already.

With appreciation,


Cat Daddy  on May 21st, 2011

Notice the captain of the vessel has the power to do so anyway

plainoldthetan  on May 25th, 2011

Cat Daddy: I don’t see that the Captain has the right to exact hazing or physical punishment based on the above issue.

The hazing or physical punishment of a Sea Org member by officers, petty officers, or other Sea Org members is subject to Comm Ev on charges of brutality.

Conditions or discipline may only be assigned or enforced after approval by the Captain of a vessel.

What I see from this issue is that if the Captain approves choking, punching, kicking, or shoving into furniture, or water torture, or anything else, the Captain also becomes subject to Comm Ev on charges of brutality.

The problem I see in this issue is that LRH expected the Captain to be un-psychotic and sane and able to apply his instructions.

It looks as if LRH didn’t anticipate that someone who could rise to the rank of Captain could do so without the candidate’s psychosis and insanity going undetected.

julian  on July 28th, 2013

LRH was a sailor and well versed in the tradition of the navy.

It is well noted that during the British Empire, captains of His Majesty’s ships were the law. Any and all orders given by a captain had to be followed, as the captain would adjudicate on all matters. It was a kinda of God, King then Captain scenorio. All ships carried “marines” which were loyal to the captain and his officers,to enforce orders on the crew.

So, on the high sea, which was always considered lawless (today international waters are governed by law) The captain is the ultimate authority and whom is never questioned.

It makes sense in a war environment, especially with a crew of pressed men or conscripts to rule with absolute authority, to ensure Captains orders are followed without question.

Does this seem familiar to any one?????

Cece  on April 3rd, 2014

POT, Thank you for your post. It’s interesting the Hazing FO does allow ‘hands be laid on a person under discipline and then only to restrain or incarcerate’.

Well that issue will never again see the light of day in the church. Incarcerate? I know a few lawyers that would like to get a copy of this.

In 83/84 I was ‘incarcerated’ by James Marchand (spelling?) and it was overwhelming to me. Guess it was OK because he was the Master-at-Arms.


Nice to read the issue again. I find it interesting to read LRH from my new viewpoint of being away for so long ‘de-stimulating’. I comprehend MUCH better. 🙂

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