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Seeking Harmony

Seeking harmony may be the technique which blows the top off the Bridge for the independent solo auditor and for those delivering independent auditing.


For some time I have been seeking a more basic goal for spiritual counseling, that activity which is also called auditing by members of the Church of Scientology. I think that the goal may be harmony in all things.

Here is a definition from the freedictionery.com

harmony – n pl -nies
1. agreement in action, opinion, feeling, etc.; accord

I am using the term based on definitions 1 and I consider harmony as describing a desirable condition of flow with almost all parts of the flow working together.

Harmony is not a static state of repose like a quiet pool of water, but more like the motion of life passing through time. There can be modulations in the flow and even minor dissonance which may serve to add a desired texture to the flow. I see harmony not as an absolute, but as an acceptable blending of pure harmony and just enough dissonance to make life interesting. Change creates dissonance so it should be managed to blend with the major theme of a life to make the resulting effect richer and more complex.

Achieving a state of harmony with ones past and with ones imperfections and with the spiritual beings sharing our lives is an entirely worthwhile endeavor. It also has the advantage of possible infinite duration. One can extend ones reach and bring harmony to a greater population of spiritual beings and a larger area of life as one feels the need, but one can also stop at any time and enjoy the harmony of that level.

This is a different goal than is generally sought through auditing. Auditing seeks to remove painful memories and inhibitions and bring the person to a state of higher awareness and ability. Seeking enlightenment and exaltation through auditing or any spiritual activity is a worthwhile endeavor as it brings intense pleasure and an extended awareness and it transforms ones perspective on life. The expected result of perfectly done auditing is an ascension moment where ones abilities and perceptions make a sudden change for the better.

This is discussed in more detail at: Seeking Harmony on Workable Technology.

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elizabeth hamre  on August 6th, 2013

Dear David…. your reality about auditing… and solo auditing same as mine…. What I have noticed after a while I HAVE run out of painful stuff to audit since there is only so much one has in ones universe… what has driven me on to continue with solo auditing is the cognitions.. the gained knowledge and that was and is the sole reason. I have audited looked into every set of considerations.. agreements know to man… if there is a name-title-thought of some kind on any subject they have been explored-taken earlier similar…. sure gotten to know the Universe well..and there was a cognition on everything -including why the rose canes have thorns…..yes there is harmony.. enlightenment has been achieved with solo auditing and that is the Universe which is permanent….

Gnosis  on August 6th, 2013

Dear David, Yes, subjectively, once the non-complementary aspects of games play, identities interactions, are vanished, then lighter and more complementary games play becomes conceivable. For example, I notice my dreams becoming still interesting but less serious.

Elizabeth, do you know of Dennis Stephens’ “Postulate Failure Cycle Chart”? That, imho, is material to punch in and watch the sparks fly. My sessions move a lot faster now that I work with basic conflicting postulates.

“To Harmonize” would reveal and burn off the sensations created by conflicting postulates. And one could stop at a nice rhythmic balanced exchange point, still within the realm of [less compulsive] games play.

elizabeth hamre  on August 6th, 2013

hello Gnosis .. no I do not know that chart.. I have worked it out for my self how the negative-positive [ considerations=thoughts… agreements] one has holds one’s universe in place– keeps it intact.
And there is no more to the universe but ones considerations.. and they are sitting nicely piled up on the basic energy mass.

SamU  on August 9th, 2013

Thanks for posting. Auditing entities to bring them to their optimum has been too much responsibility for me lately. It has become work and effort whereas before it was effortless. Any suggestions?

OldAuditor  on August 9th, 2013

I have been working on this problem for several people lately. I will send you an email and we can arrange a session to get it handled.

PlainOldThetan  on August 9th, 2013

David may have different suggestions than me. But what I would try is:
1) Flying 3 Rudiments OT-style, ensuring you check for ownership
check and see if your ability/willingness to audit is improved, if not,
2) Check the Ruds as found in HCO B 24 Sep 1979 RA FLYING RUDS IN CRAMMING checking ownership
check and see if your ability/willingness to audit is improved, if not,
3) Flying Quad Ruds Long Duration, using HCO B 19 Aug 1971 RC II checking ownership
check and see if your ability/willingness to audit is improved, if not,
4) L1C unprefixed, checking ownership
check and see if your ability/willingness to audit is improved

Let us know what you find.

SamU  on August 11th, 2013

Thanks for your help David. I should have called you sooner. And POT thanks for the references.

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