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Why running OT III or NOTs can be harmful to your health and sanity

BostonMarathon-01__t607If I were to suggest that we should audit by having the preclear read about some horrible random  incident and have him demo how it could occur until it was live in his mind and then turn him loose to audit it, you would probably think that this was the worst possible example of evaluating for the preclear.

It is, and this is what is done on OT III.

In my earlier article, “Why you should not attempt to run OT III”,  I made the point that the pc needs to run his own incidents and he should not run uncharged incidents. OT III describes the handling of two incidents, Incident 2 and Incident 1, which have been shown to be created from Ron Hubbard’s own case and are NOT big incidents that everyone experienced.

We can run these OT III incidents because it is quite possible to mock up imaginary incidents and get some relief from doing so, but real relief comes from running your own incidents and the incidents of your spiritual entities.

It is not so much that the incidents are not yours that makes them harmful to your health and sanity, it is the undeniable fact that they are being run in the most destructive way possible.

Why do I say this? Because one of the basic principles of auditing is that you try to handle charge in a way that doesn’t overwhelm the preclear. You also handle the charge that is real to the preclear and you do not attempt to take up a new incident while the previous one is unflat.

You learn this in auditing the Book One version of Dianetics and the lesson is repeated as you learn to audit Scientology processes. This pattern is broken in more advanced Scientology auditing where items are read to the preclear to see if any are charged. This action, unless done flawlessly, will almost always stir up charge that does not get handled in that session.

Then in later sessions, a list of possible errors will be read off to see if any mistakes were made and this action, unless done flawlessly, stirs up even more charge which does not get handled in that session.

This type of corrective action is like sweeping a floor with a dirty broom. It is highly inefficient and it spreads a lot of dirt around before things get cleaned up. If something is spilled or broken, a whisk broom, a small dust pan and a clean up rag will fix things up with a minimum of collateral damage.

The earlier Dianetic and Scientology processes presumed that the preclear had some self determinism and tended to run what was real and charged for the preclear. By the time the preclear faces OT III, he has been conditioned to run what the Case Supervisor says he has to run.

He is told to audit on his own once he has read enough about Incident 2 to restimulate the hell out of the spiritual beings that accompany him through life. This is like screaming  “FIRE” in a crowded theater and then attempting to handle the upsets you have caused.

This mass restimulation is what happens on OT III and almost every person on this level has to deal with the fallout that occurs. It is quite common after the first OT III session to have all sorts of case manifestations turn on from voices to hallucinations to severe body reactions that can be quite frightening. Most people get through it eventually, but there is no need to do it so wrongheadedly.

Spiritual entities exist all around every one of us and are in various states of awareness and moods. Some are cheerfully going along for the ride while others are stuck in a wide array of engrams. Some spiritual being without bodies may be in a high state of enthusuasm, but far too many have suffered a crushing loss of life, honor, prestige, and exist in a perpetual state of shame.

It is far easier to spot those spiritual beings who are reacting badly to present time events and handle them individually than it is to imagine some awful event and get every spiritual being restimulated at once.

Furthermore, it makes much more sense to rescue spiritual beings who are in a bad way and put them to work doing useful things than it is to engage in a search and destroy mission and drive them away as though they were demons of some sort. Exorcism does work and has been in use for thousands of years, but a more enlightened approach is to approach spiritual entities as though they were “preclears” and handle them with ARC and the Auditors Code. In that way, you can audit them and the communication cycle will work its magic and charge will blow and you and your entities will have wins.

If you want to know how this works in practice, read about Spiritual Rescue Technology. It is a faster and more ethical way of handling your relationships with the spiritual beings who surround you.

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Rine  on August 18th, 2013

You are so easy to understand!! This is wonderfull, it puts auditing in a whole new perspective for me.

Its so obvious!! If each thetan is different how could we all be audited with the same pgm? And what about validating the thetan and not the case??!!

OldAuditor  on August 19th, 2013

If you look carefully at what is being done in Spiritual Rescue Technology, you will see that we not only validate the thetan but we validate all of the spiritual beings that surround him. We are creating a community of friends who can postulate together and create a future together. This has not been done before.

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