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Finding your way after leaving the cult of Scientology

Spiritual Rescue Technology – Part Four Introduction

The-being-withinIn this part, I will try to give you background material about entities which will help you deal with unusual situations you may encounter. This part will be rather long and will probably be presented in several sections in time.

The material in this section covers situations that you WILL encounter but they are far, far outside what you might expect and I would like you to be prepared when they turn up. Reading these real examples will give you ideas you can use when you finally encounter them.

The important thing to remember is these experiences are real and you will eventually run into more then one of them in your counseling or solo counseling.

Your successful handling will require you to understand and acknowledge what you observe. Any effort to explain or alter what is being perceived or communicated will stop your communication cold and you will have to spend a lot of time fixing up the upset with the entities involved.

These are incidents where caring is vital as you will be dealing with spiritual entities who may be suffering from incredible upsets.

The first areas to look at are the many conditions under which spiritual beings pick up a new body. You will find the entire article at Spiritual Rescue Technology – Part Four



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