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Including what we found in Scientology before it became a cult

Our man Magnus still rages at Scientology Inc

magnus_22Readers of this blog should be very familiar with our friend Magnus, Robot Fighter. He first appeared on this blog in June 2011, and this is his seventeenth appearance since. Use this site’s search facility to find other Magnus adventures.

He contacted us this week, telling us that he thought he’d finally gotten out of the reach of the evil Scientology Inc.

But, alas, no. The single-minded robots in Scientology Inc were still in contact with him, despite his attempts to get off church mailing lists.

First, the Orange County Idle Org contacted him with a mailed-out piece of promo essentially promoting the Golden Age of Tech II.

He doesn’t care about GAT II. He doesn’t want to hear about GAT II. He never ever ever bought anything from the Orange County Org, Ideal or not. He’s asked off the mailing lists and call-in lists dozens of time.

Yet he still gets expensive glossy four-color promo from OC promoting things he’s not interested and will never ever ever participate in.

Here’s the fancy Orange County promo piece, targeted to exactly and precisely the wrong audience.





One thing that Magnus was entertained by was is the documentation of the Scientolo-lore being built up around His Almighty Self-Righteousness.

Get this quote from the Flag trainee: “Regarding the release of the Basics, COB talked about the outpoints that were found in the books and it wasn’t just the Basics that had to be recovered. Now everything is standard — the way it was meant to be.” I find this kind of “cog” very disturbing.

How does she know that everything is standard? Wasn’t GAT I standard? Is doing Objectives and Purification Rundowns twice or three times standard? If everything is standard now, what will this sheeple say when GAT III is released? And how does she know it’s the way it was meant to be? Meant by whom? By Ron? She has only concluded that it’s all the way it was meant to be based on the word of the master-liar David Miscavige. Verbal tech source extraordinaire.

Let’s see in writing how Ron meant it to be. That way we can compare what LRH meant and what COB is doing to see if they “match up”.

We know that Ron issued LRH ED 102 INT (20 May 1970) THE IDEAL ORG. We know what it says. But we know that when we compare what it says in LRH ED 102 INT with what the ornate vacant glitter-palaces called Ideal Orgs actually are, they don’t “match up”.

Get this: the stupid damned promo piece actually has this LRH quote on it: A philosophy can only be a route to knowledge. It cannot be knowledge crammed down one’s throat. If one has a route, he can then find what is true for him. And that is Scientology. Know thyself — and the truth shall set you free. My Philosophy, LRH, 1965

You see what I did there? I found what actual LRH source the quote came from. The disappointing thing, as is almost always true in the Miscavige era, is that reading the actual source results in the reader saying to himself, “Hey, Miscavige violates virtually every facet of this issue!”

In example cited from My Philosophy, you can see that LRH thought that force-feeding someone Scientology was distasteful. Let’s check with Leah Remini about force-feeding parishioners false and distorted data during the Truth Rundown and see if it left a bad taste in her mouth.

Magnus says he feels good that Scientology Inc and Miscavige wasted at least a dollar on sending him that promo piece.

But even worse, and with a little more happiness, Magnus provided us today with a promo piece from Flag.

It’s stamped NON-MACHINABLE, which means it can’t be cancelled by machine. It has hand-applied stamps on it, which means it didn’t come from the Scientology Inc Uber-Printing and Distribution Facility on Bandini Avenue. It has a pen inside which admonishes DON’T WASTE THIS BRIEF BREATH…

But worst of all, Magnus tells us, is that Flag knows he can’t take services there. Yet they keep on with the $2.00 and $4.00  promo pieces. He says it’s just fine with him. It means Miscavige will run out of money at twice the rate that Orange County will.

And Magnus’ final salvo in his message to us was this: the damned pen didn’t work!



— written by Plain Old Thetan

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David J Mudkips  on August 22nd, 2013

I’m no expert, but I’m 99% sure that there’s a HCOPL somewhere where Ron says “never use a quote from me without giving the reference”

Sorry, OC Org, but that’s a FLUNK

PlainOldThetan  on August 22nd, 2013

For myself, I don’t recognize immediately a quote like that, but you could be referring to

1957′s SCIENTOLOGY: CLEAR PROCEDURE, ISSUE ONE, which says Look to source writings, not to interpretations. Look to the original works, not offshoots.

Or maybe KSW 23 HOW TO DEFEAT VERBAL TECH CHECKLIST 1. If it isn’t written it isn’t true. 2. If it’s written, read it. 3. Did the person who wrote it have the authority or know how to order it? 4. If you can’t understand it, clarify it. 5. If you can’t clarify it, clear the MUs. 6. If the MUs won’t clear, query it. 7. Has it been altered from the original? 8. Get it validated as a correct, on-channel, on-policy, in-tech order.9. Only if it holds up this far, force others to read it and follow it. IF IT CAN’T BE RUN THROUGH AS ABOVE IT’S FALSE! CANCEL IT!
And use HCOB 7 Aug 79 FALSE DATA STRIPPING as needed.

Or maybe KSW 25 OUT-TECH HCO PL 22 November 1967RA The only ways you can fail to get results on a pc are: 1. Not study your HCOBs and my books and tapes. 2. Not apply what you studied. 3. Follow “advice” contrary to what you find on HCOBs and tapes. 4. Fail to obtain the HCOBs, books and tapes needed. There is no hidden data line.

Or maybe HCOB 23 August 1971 Auditor’s Rights which says “WHAT HE DID WRONG”…Never take a verbal or written correction that is not in an HCOB or tape. Don’t be party to a “hidden data line” that doesn’t exist. “You ruined the pc!” is not a valid statement. “You violated HCOB____ page ____ ” is the charge. If it isn’t on a tape, a book, or an HCOB, IT IS NOT TRUE and no auditor has to accept any criticism that is not based on actual source data. “If it isn’t written, it isn’t true” is the best defense and the best way to improve your tech.

Or maybe something else.

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