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Breaking news: Mosey Rathbun files multimillion dollar suit against Scientology Inc

mosey_jan310-116Breaking on Tony Ortega’s site this morning is a story about Marty Rathbun’s wife, Monique, filing a multimillion dollar suit against David Miscavige, the Church of Scientology International, and its major controlling entities.

Attorney Ray Jeffrey, who helmed the Scientology Inc vs. Debbie Cook conflict to a hugely embarrassing result on the part of Scientology Inc, filed the suit after it became clear that Scientology Inc was continuing to surveil and harass the Rathbuns even after they moved out of Ingleside-on-the Bay to a more remote dwelling near San Antonio.

The suit was accompanied by a restraining order calling on Miscavige and Scientology to cease and desist all harassment and surveillance activities. It must have Miscavige reeling to be on the receiving end of a “cease and desist” style order, since Scientology doles them out by the handful to others.

And it probably would have all been fine after the Rathbuns moved to their new, more isolated home.

But the harassment continued, including zoom lens high def cameras installed in trees on adjacent properties to watch the activities at the home.

You may have caught the recent info over on Marty’s site where he details how the Squirrel Busters stepped up the harassment, demanding meters and folders, when Lori Hodgson showed up for some post-Scientology-trauma counseling.

Miscavige is obviously still obsessed with Marty and the damage Marty can possibly do to Miscavige’s circus of altered Scientology.

By monitoring Marty, Miscavige can find out who the slavering suppressives are who are causing his church to dissolve into so much dust.

The inexpensive way for Miscavige to figure that out would be to look in a mirror, of course.

Hey Davey:
never send to know for whom the bell tolls; It tolls for thee.
John Donne, 1624

— written by Plain Old Thetan

Evening Update 21 August 2013

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Update 24 August 2013

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