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OK! Magazine 20 June 2013

okmagazine 20jun2013p0_This isn’t really totally part of the mess of pop magazines that were released in the wake of Leah Remini’s departure from Scientology Inc, but I was keeping my eyes open then and it was part of the anti-Scientology press in that same timeframe.

In this case, about a year from the big divorce ambush, OK! covered Katie Holmes’ budding relationship with co-star Luke Kirby.

More importantly, though, next to the picture of Suri on page 3 of the article, are the reports of Tom Cruise’s embarrassment and anger about the fact that Katie is moving on, despite Tom’s attempts to leverage time with Suri to stay in close influential contact with Katie.

Even though the “S” word isn’t used in the article, Miscavige has to be fuming about how the marriage at which he was TC’s best man has devolved into spectator fodder for the tabloids.

And no one who read the article missed the Scientologist references in the list of Tom’s past relationships or missed the article’s reference to “Katie being off men for a year”.

Miscavige’s paranoiac obsession with keeping any bad news about Scientology Inc out of the press couldn’t have been eased with this magazine saying “Katie’s doing good” at the same time that the summer movie releases are accompanied with mediocre-at-best news for Tom Cruise’s showings.

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That brings anti-Scientology press in June and July to over 2 million.

Magazine Circulation/Readership
Enquirer 596,166
inTouch 595,614
Life & Style 681,723
OK! 331,000

Hey, Dave! Your stats are up!

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