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Miscavige: Mismanagement via rumor

news-rumors-3196726Wilbur F. Storey of the Chicago Times is said to have instructed one of his Civil War correspondents: “When there is no news, send rumours.”

Careful watchers of Mike Rinder’s Blog  (1)  (2)  will have noticed that Scientology Inc has been denouncing “self-promotion from rumor-mongers”, while engaging vigorously in the same kind of rumor-mongering themselves.

Especially annoying has been nonsense like the promo piece I posted on this site on August 12. The hyperbole embedded in the promo piece is, as you can see, mostly rumors.

The church encourages rumor-spreading these days because of several factors:

A basic LRH datum is Where there is no data available people will invent it. (HCO PL 21 November 1972 I HOW TO HANDLE BLACK PROPAGANDA). The handling for people operating with a dearth of data is to fill it up with data, even if it’s fabricated. Of course, it doesn’t matter if the data provided is true or if it is hype. The effort is being made to stop the speculating and shut up the critics. The more gullible the recipient, the better.

The latest example we have is the answer to “Where’s Shelly?” The church deftly sidestepped the question by using its agents in the LAPD to say “accusations are unfounded” without answering the question itself. Longtime scientologists will recognize the handling as familiar if they did the Success  Though Communication Course. That version of TR 2 comes from HCOB 27 JANUARY 1984 FSM BREAKTHROUGH NEW FSM TRs —CONTROLLING A CONVERSATION. The essential piece of this version of TR 2 is teaching a person – a “Field Staff Member” – to creatively yet plausibly not-answer a question.


A. PURPOSE: To teach the student to fully answer a question to the satisfaction of the coach.

METHOD: Student and coach must both have a copy of What Is Scientology? and must both be at the same page. Coach asks a question and the student must answer out of What Is Scientology? without flustering or being unsure. The coach flunks when he does not feel his question has been fully answered.

B. PURPOSE: To teach the student to take off the line of questioning, by choice, questions he does not want to answer.

METHOD: Coach asks a question and the student “answers” in such a way as to take it off that line of questioning and onto something else (BY CHOICE). Coach flunks when student cannot successfully steer the line of questioning.

Of course, a “church” which trains its parishioners and staff in the technology of lying to people is quickly rendered untrustworthy.

So even the rumors doled out by Scientology Inc get critically examined for truthiness.

br_puppets_Scientology Inc press releases now get relegated to the status of “junk news”.

Like sockpuppet Karin Pouw’s purported response to questions about Mosey Rathbun’s multimillion dollar lawsuit against Scientology Inc for harassment.

I say purported because no one’s actually seen or even spoken by telephone to Karin Pouw for months. The odds are that Pouw is now safely ensconced in The Hole for failing Miscavige in some way. Like failing to call Mike Rinder or Marty Rathbun enough despicable names in her press releases.

I’d encourage everyone to start a mantra of “Where’s Karin?” but in this case, I’d say it’s karmic birds coming home to roost. So no mantra for Karin.

For those left in OSA’s PR-control department, my adage for you is: If
you lie down with the Devil, you will wake up in hell.

— written by Plain Old Thetan

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