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Handling your “OT case” – revised and upgraded

(This was originally posted by OldAuditor on June 10, 2011. It is being reposted because people still have difficulty grasping its significance.)

hauntedcloset-imagesHandling your OT case

First of all, you should realize that everyone has an “OT case”,  and some people can contact it easily even though they have never done services in the Church of Scientology.

What the church calls your “OT case” is actually upset spiritual beings  who surround you and essentially run you until you achieve the ability to deal with them and bring them into present time.  These are actually the spirit guides and personal angels who have been discussed at length for many years in Spiritualist Churches all over the world, except this “OT Case  Phenomena is what happens when spiritual beings are mishandled in the church of Scientology.

In the Church of Scientology, you can get rid of upset spiritual beings (your OT case) for several hundred thousand dollars. In a Spiritualist church, you learn to communicate and work with your spirit guides for little or no money.

In Scientology, the way to deal with your OT case was to spend incredible amounts of money “exorcising” your body thetans. This route has not produced many good results in the last few years because the technology devised by the current management of the church is quite flawed. One is more likely to get cancer or commit suicide than to achieve the results that were easily attained in the 1970′s. Our studies have shown that the actions performed during  the Scientology NOTs auditing were more likely to upset your spiritual beings than to help them or to get rid of them.

Performing so-called “security checking” and confessionals designed to find crimes during advanced Ned for OTs auditing will stir up spiritual entities more than anything else you can imagine.

The confessional is directed toward the PRECLEAR but the questions impinge on the SPIRITUAL BEINGS SURROUNDING THE PRECLEAR , thus the auditor will be following up reads generated by the entities and will be accusing the preclear of withholding information.

The typical session at Flag and elsewhere goes like this:

Auditor asks question. Silent preclear on cans:  FALL.

Auditor: “Did you have a thought there?”

Preclear: “No. I had no attention on the question at all”

Auditor asks question again:  Silent Preclear on cans:  Fall

Auditor says: “There is something you are not telling me!”

Preclear: “No. I am just getting irritated by this.” LONG FALL BLOWDOWN

Auditor now know he is on the track of a big withhold and continues hammering away until he gets a red-tagged preclear. Preclear is sent to ethics to confess his sins and to donate to the IAS as his amends.

You can read the rest of the story at: http://workabletechnology.com/?p=837

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Axiom  on August 23rd, 2013

This resonates with me so much. I am so glad that I got out before I was subjected to the Cof$ destruction of my beingness.

I have so many wins and cognition using ARC, kindness and understanding with the spiritual beings who share my universe. I could not conceive of approaching them any other way.

This is a great write up on how to deal with other thetans. When you see someone in distress, you simply want to help them. It is the natural thing to do.

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