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Eileen Clark’s Story – Part Two

The fact that Eileen was in the Sea Org for 28 years testifies to the strength of her postulate to Clear Earth through in-ethics, hard work and by apply standard policy and tech. She felt, as I did, that if we did those things we could succeed in achieving the Aims of Scientology as they were expressed by LRH in those early years.

This is her continuing account of her discovery of the alteration of that dream by current management.


Part Two

My last 12 years in the Sea Org were spent mainly as a Registrar, with a few short periods of doing other things.  My last year, 2007, saw me being routed out from the end of February until early September, these things are not done in any sort of rush, God forbid.  It is essential to draw out the debasement of the sinner for as long as possible.

This, of course, is not how LRH envisioned it and is the opposite of policies written to cover such circumstances.  But, then, there were no LRH policies to cover how I came to be in that situation in the first place.  I will say that during this entire time I was physically weakened from a medical condition and not in good shape to do much fighting for my rights or to defend myself or I most certainly would have done so with some gusto.  However, it did protect me from experiencing any physical hardships from filthy mest work that others in my situation did endure.

There was no escape from the spiritual and mental abuse, although I had minimal amounts of overt violence directed at me personally, the insidious innuendo, invalidation and evaluation was spread around pretty evenly.  You see, there was always the fear that I might keel over dead and that would be messy, difficult to deal with and hard to explain. Please understand that I only describe this time because it needs to be known, not to gain any sympathy, I am not a victim.  I will also be describing things that happened to others that I was witness to.

The reason that I was in PAC at all was due to the fall out from the Lisa McPherson tragedy.   About a dozen or so veteran Sea Org staff at the Flag Land Base were either shipped out to other Sea Org Bases, to family or nursing homes.  The criterion for being treated in such a manner was solely medical.  Any staff who was considered to be a medical “risk”, rightly or wrongly, was to be gotten off the Base, pronto.  I was transferred to Universe Corps Int, to be used as a coin to get badly needed trained staff who could be fired into Saint Hill sized orgs.

ASHO Day was the lucky org who got me in exchange for a Russian-speaking Class IV or V auditor.  Jon Lundeen, Captain ASHOD, did not for a moment consider that he would be able to keep such an experienced staff as myself and sure enough within a couple of days I was put through paces in preparation for taking over the Tours Org WUS.  Now that sounds pretty impressive, however, in fact the Tours Orgs were summarily disbanded around the world in the early 90’s, in violation of HCOPL  28 May 1972 BOOM DATA PUBLICATIONS BASIC FUNCTION.  There had been revived Tours activities for a couple of years, of a sort, but now there was to be a real effort put into building up Tours Orgs on every continent.  It sounded exciting and I was looking forward to building a Tours Org in the WUS.

I will quote a fair amount of this PL BOOM DATA, because it covers so many basic violations now rampant in the CofM and as you will see, those violations are at the bottom of almost everything organizationally wrong in the church now.  The brilliance of LRH organizational tech is that there are basics, just like in the auditing tech, which followed and applied smartly will result in the nicest expansion one could want—violated they start an avalanche of down-trending products and people. It is almost idiot simple to understand.

Here are some quotes from the above mentioned PL to explain what I just wrote, please bear with me on the length:

“Orgs will handle delivery if the business is driven in on them.



“Books are the FIRST line of promotion and contact.”

“The public has to be reading books to get so minded as to come into the org for service.”


“Suppressive persons (no case gain, low OCA, bad ethics record, low production stats) or PTS persons (those who are connected to suppressive persons or groups and are potential trouble sources) SHOULD NEVER BE LET NEAR BOOK SALES LINES.  Why?  Such people run a CAN’T-HAVE on others and will not get printed, survey, advertise, sell or deliver BOOKS as they “run a can’t-have” on the public of sold and delivered books and a can’t have on the org of arriving persons.”

“Thus it is a high crime to permit SP and PTS people in Pubs Orgs or Departments or in Dept 16 (Div 6, Advertising) as these will starve both the public and the org.”


“Flag Continental Liaison Offices with their tours drove people in on the orgs and made the boom iun ’71.

“These tours drove people in on the local org and on the Sea Org orgs as well.

“When these Flag units ceased to operate the boom halted.

“Suppressive false reports about the tours were entered in on the scene and the boom faltered.

“Earlier, Mission International Books erred in making staff sell books and restricting field staff member actions whereas they should have dealt wholly with FSMs and left staff alone.

“These are the TWO outside the org actions that drive people in on orgs and drive stats up.

“Badly organized tours run by untrained people, or tours trained to do wrong things thus give tours a bad name.”


“Dept 16 should handle book ads.

“There should not be general service ads in public publications. There should only be book ads.

“These ads should be surveyed and the survey materials used to sell a book…”


“Bulk mail has been found to be an expensive, nonproductive action when services are advertised.

“A MAGAZINE, on-policy, that features books as well as services and events and info packs that answer bookbuyer responses and ad(vance) payments packs should make up bulk mail AND NOTHING ELSE.

“If the money foolishly spent on sending service fliers five times a week was spent on the above AND BOOK ADS that sell books, an org would be in clover.


“Various errors that are made to occur on these lines (book sales, tours) are not accidental.  They get the action into disgrace and it gets dropped.


“And slack off from this labels a Pubs Org or Dept INOPERATIONAL.

“Book ads and sales are the keys to org survival.

“Tours that contact individuals and handle their upsets or get them enthused and sign them up are the key to a boom.

“It takes BOOKS to develop a new field so tours can work.

“There would seem to be a longstanding inability in orgs to PULL in business. This, by new technical discoveries related to auditing PTS persons, may well be the toleration of SP and PTS types in orgs….

“But we do know that business has to be driven in on the org for stats to rise greatly or any boom to occur and this is done with BOOKS and TOURS.”

L. Ron Hubbard

This is not a test.  How many outpoints can you name coming from CofM based solely on what LRH wrote in this PL?  Right.  There are many and if you follow them down you find many other outpoints that spring from those and so it goes.

David Miscavige is a flagrant squirrel of standard LRH policies concerning the health and well-being of orgs.  Have you seen the photos posted on Marty’s blog of the wondrous, state-of-the-art, very expensive, empty building he has dedicated to the Dissemination and Distribution of Scientology, all centrally done so no single org needs to bother with their own?  Isn’t that thoughtful?  It took me awhile to see that elephant standing smack in the middle of the room.  If it smells like, looks like and sounds like an SP…it IS an SP.

This was much longer than I had anticipated so I will end off here and pick up later on what TOURS became from 2001-2006.

Eileen Clark


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