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In the Seventies,  new Clears were being made and confirmed every week. It was a wonderful time to be in Scientology.

When I went Clear, I was conscious of having a calm and quiet space around me for the first time this lifetime.  I had been receiving auditing and realized that things had changed in ways I could not even begin to describe other than I felt absolutely at peace for the first time ever.

As I recall, I was on course studying when I saw a certain definition and cognited that I had gone Clear. At this point, my space opened up further and I sat there with eyes streaming with tears of joy.  My attest cycle went smoothly because it confirmed my knowingness with no hint of evaluation or invalidation.  Those were the days and I was incredibly fortunate with my timing.

I went on to do my Grades and studied to become an auditor.

As an auditor, I had the privilege to audit a number of people to Clear and they all had unique experiences going Clear. The one thing that was common from my viewpoint as an auditor was that their personal space had less and less mass as they got closer to Clear.

Engram chains started blowing faster and faster and in most cases the Tone Arm was floating all over the dial while the PC sat there and glowed. When the attest cycle was smoothly handled the PC had fabulous wins to share and this inspired public to get more auditing.

Not all PCs went clear on Dianetics, some Clears were discovered when a Correction List like the Green Form was run. I even remember someone going Clear while on study.

The cognition that marks the attainment of the state is valid however it is reached. Normally it takes auditing to unburden the case enough for the being to become cause over his engrams, but thetans are a remarkably resourceful bunch.

The state of Clear might best be described as regaining control over painful mental image pictures. No matter how you arrive at this state it is a triumph of the spirit and worthy of great celebration.

Other definitions of Clear are technically correct, but can set the newly cleared person up for a loss because these definitions omit any mention of real factors that can impinge on the Clear and make him feel and act in aberrated ways. Here are several definitions that fall short of perfection according to my observation:

A Clear is a person who no longer has his own reactive mind and therefore suffers none of the ill effects that the reactive mind can cause.

The Clear has no engrams which, when restimulated, throw out the correctness of his computations by entering hidden and false data.

These statements are correct as far as they go but they ignore the effects of incomplete Grade Processes, False Data, Evil Purposes, and OT case all of which can make the Clear unable to compute rationally. When he runs into these unhandled aspects of his case, he can invalidate his attainment of the state of Clear.

Does that make the state of Clear any less valuable? Definitely not!  But it suggests that being trained gives one a true perspective on what is still to be handled.

For the first time in this lifetime, the preclear is out of his bank enough to recognize that he is not it. If he is really aware and many new Clears are, he may perceive masses and painful pictures that still need to be addressed but they are somehow at a safe distance and he is no longer buried in them.

For continuing stability, the new Clear should get onto the next Bridge action as dictated by his Case Supervisor. In some cases, the next action should be to get training to understand and raise confront on what has to be handled next.

An untrained PC or OT is relatively helpless when unexpected case manifestations turn on. Training gives one stability and the knowledge to handle life’s challenges. Charge often blows by inspection when the PC or OT is trained. If it doesn’t blow by inspection, as a trained auditor you are more likely to know what handling is required to get yourself back on track and winning again.

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Fellow Traveller  on December 8th, 2009

This is beautiful. It looks like what Ron intended, even if he may have been prone to “exaggeration” as he himself admitted on occasion. After reading this prose, I reflected upon the present scene. My charitable assessment would be to suggest a phenomenon known as complexity and non confront. There are other less charitable assessments, certainly.

I will re-read your post on “The Trap of Unrealistic Expectations”.

Thought provoking  on December 8th, 2009

Never underestimate the power of the green form. Your mention of the green form reminded me of an interesting event in my life. I had been getting a word clearing correction, it went fine, I was very good indicators and we were heading off to the examiner. I had gotten as far as the door and suddenly I burst into tears.

My auditor was as surprised as I was when I reassured her that it was something good. I’d suddenly realized that I could be happy…as I simultaneously realized that a long time ago I had conceived that I couldn’t be happy, and I was just realizing that it simply was not true.
It was a breath of fresh air and an unexpected boost, Held in place by a misunderstood word…that’s when I knew there was really something to this study tech.

As for the rest of the article, I’m tracking…mostly what I’d already worked out for myself but it is nice to share the viewpoint with someone who is well travelled up both sides of the bridge.

elizabeth hamre  on September 20th, 2012

great post. it was wonderful being in the church that time.. i went clear in 76… what a blast it was.. and that blast pushed me forward on the path of self-discovery….

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