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In Greek mythology Sisyphus was a king punished by being compelled to roll an immense boulder up a hill, only to watch it roll back down, and to repeat this throughout eternity. He is also found in Roman mythology.

The word “Sisyphean” means “endless and futile, as labor or a task”.

You can read more about Sisyphus at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sisyphus.

David Miscavige is notorious for creating huge insurmountable emergencies that “only he can solve” only to wind up “solving” them by ordering undernourished, unrested, and overworked Sea Org members and staff members to go become even more exhausted in order to solve the problem he created.

Of course, when the dust clears, DM demands to be labeled the hero.

This was exactly like the situations I ran into at the Scientology company I worked at. Some idiot at the executive level would propose a project…which was totally doable…then make it totally undoable by demanding it be completed in 1/10 the logical, provably historical time…and with half the personnel.

I came to recognize the symptoms of this and started labeling these idiocies artificial emergencies.

Test yourself. See if you can see what the artificial emergencies are that David Miscavige created in the past 15 years. Put a check mark in the column next to something you think was an emergency caused by David Miscavige.

Virtually no auditors coming out of academy training lineups.
Virtually no auditors coming out of org internship programs.
Every org and/or mission in a continental area must send a team of trainees to the continent’s Idyllic Org to train on the new magical Dianetics line-up.
No org may have a Qual that actually perfects auditors, instead, the area called Qual is a drive-through where an auditor gets routed to Ethics for lower conditions followed by doing a GAT drill “to perfection” that doesn’t really correct the problem the auditor had in the session
Special-order, limited run publications can be ordered, and the money accepted, and months can lapse before the empty unmanned hideously expensive automated printing facility run by Bridge delivers what’s been ordered.
FSM commissions are so badly backdated that the selectee can be through with the service before the FSM commission gets paid.
No org staff members may be audited as part of their staff compensation because there aren’t enough staff members to do the absolute minimum on every post needed.
No org staff members may be paid because if they were, there wouldn’t be enough money left to pay the Int Landlord for the facility, in addition to paying the taxes, utilities, and insurance.
The price of introductory books must be set so high they can’t be sold at prices new people think are appropriate.
No new public are arriving for the new magical Dianetics lineup because no money was allocated to fund a national Dianetics promotional campaign.
All newly-opening Idyllic Orgs must have a full complement of personnel, even if those personnel can’t work the org’s schedule because they’re all moonlighting on actual paying jobs.
All newly-opening Idyllic Orgs must have a full complement of personnel, even if they have to be ripped off the last Idyllic Org that had a full complement of personnel.
Every mission must stock $40,000 of Book and Lecture set materials before they’re allowed to deliver Book and/or Book and lecture courses, even if they can’t sell them.
Everyone must do all their Basics Book and Lecture courses by date X.
Holding on to Class VI interns and Class VIII interns for years in order to get the free delivery they provide.
Everyone must buy Basics by date X.
Everyone must buy Basics Books and Lecture sets by date X.
Everyone must become a Volunteer Minister by date X.
Demands for purchases by Missions and demands for staff from Missions are so frequent and voluminous that no Mission can comply, ultimately closing, eyes-deep in debt.
The slave workforce called the Sea Org can be pulled off-hat at any time to perform “call-in” or sales activities.
All field auditors must stop practicing and do a full GAT lineup for their level or lose their license.
New R&D volumes may not be printed because the staff have been too busy printing new books that no one is buying, not even for $1 each on eBay.
All orgs and missions must endure an unending stream of Flag tours in order to get pcs to Flag for Grades, even though that means ripping off pcs from the local org to remedy nonexistent Flag arrival stats.
Every Sea Org member or staff member on Academy training must stop their Academy Levels training and do ACC lecture courses.
Every Sea Org member or staff member on Academy training must stop their Academy Levels training and do Congress lecture courses.
Every Sea Org member or staff member on Academy training must stop their Academy Levels training and do Book and Lecture courses.
Prices on training has gone up so high that no one signs up for training and actually does it.
Every org must stock $100,000 of Book and Lecture set materials before they’re allowed to deliver Book and/or Book and lecture courses, even if they can’t sell them.
Adding GATness to academy lineups so that training exceeds the LRH-specified length for academy courses, forcing auditors to abandon their training lineups to go back to work just to pay the rent.
Not talking to press so obviously that the only solution was to send the ex-wives of apostates out to patently lie to Anderson Cooper in between insults.

Now add up the number of checkmarks you made.

Was the sum 32? Hey, that’s right! Every one of these things was an artificial emergency created by David Miscavige.

Remember what LRH said in 6308c06 AUDITING COMM CYCLES (SHSBC 320)?

We’re still with that planetary system. So they specialize in the fellow who will conform. Now, he ordinarily is a “woiker” who is content to draw wages and not do another single, blessed thing – you know, never really get up, improve his lot, you see, and keep on plugging along somehow, or even slump into indigence. He’s still their choice of personnel. So this leaves, this leaves the brilliant artist, the brilliant engineer, the manager, the genius, the criminal, the pervert non persona grata.

And they sentence these people – the upper class (that is to say, the brighter gent) because they can’t control him and they’re afraid of him, and the lower class because it’s too vicious even for them – and they condemn these people to perpetual amnesia, “Dead forever”, they call it – the problem of killing a thetan – and wraps them up in mothballs and ship them down here, and here we are. And that is the population of this planet.

All right, here’s a population, then, of minimal workers, maximal managers, artists, geniuses, criminals, and perverts. What are you going to make out of this lot, huh?

Essentially, then, this is a planet of nonconformists, rebels, criminals, and misfits. Somehow, Miscavige thinks the way to greatness is to abandon any attempt to penetrate this society, locating the nonconformists, rebels and misfits that would find Scientology workable and appealing, and just hang onto the implanted conformists.

Most importantly, Miscavige seems to have forgotten what LRH said in KSW #1:

The common denominator of a group is the reactive bank. Thetans without banks have different responses. They only have their banks in common. They agree then only on bank principles.

But Miscavige is trying to force all Scientologists to be the same. This then is his Sisyphean task.

To promise everyone freedom – to take people’s money based on a promise of that freedom – while at the same time jamming them into a monochrome mold where they’re not allowed to have different responses; this is why he fails.

Instead, Miscavige has opened the floodgates for Independent practitioners of Scientology. Independent Scientology offers and delivers the promise of Scientology without jamming its participants into a one-size-fits-all monochrome mold.

Freedom is available. Reach for it.

— written by Plain Old Thetan

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Centurion  on December 29th, 2010


(misfit) :)

AnonLover  on December 30th, 2010

DM = Sisyphus is a great analogy! Thanks for yet another interesting post showing different ways to look at things.

But I would argue your being way too kind with calling your list of major points, which do indeed exemplify pushing a boulder up a mountain, a list of “artificial emergencies”.

Each and every one of those points imo are either tactics or side effects of “coercive persuasion” used by DM as a means of controlling his empire for catering to his own ego, insanity and/or greed.

For more on coercive persuasion see:

Chuck Beatty  on December 31st, 2010

Just like all the infamous totalitarian leaders in history in other totalitarian groups faded and died eventually, of old age, so also will David Miscavige pass out of Scientology history.

We won’t be around to see his passing, and nor will we see what is Scientology’s future, which is still over the horizon.

I think longer range, cherry picking LRH’s writings and policies to the followers’ benefit, is how society will mold Scientology.

You “independent” Scientologists I suggest need to get media at your yearly “conventions” and have some newsworthy news items to attract some attention.

And I think you have to rise up to dealing with the major problems LRH left ALL followers of his spiritual practices.

The most obvious problem LRH left Scientology practitioners, is verbal flexibility in discussing openly what the “upper levels” (particularly OT 3, the full details of the Wall of Fire/Fourth Dynamic Engram, and the detailed spiritual ramifications of the Fourth Dynamic Engram), publicly.

Good luck. After DM, Scientologists STILL have to be verbally transparent and capable of discussing what their OT 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 spritual practices actually ARE! And WHY!

Openly and simply, so the public DOES get their questions about Scientology’s/Hubbard’s spiritual “upper levels” practices answered.

avox  on January 14th, 2011

P.S. the real management mistake was issuing Miscavige with long uniform pants, which he didn’t deserve….obvious since he still hasn’t grown up yet, has he?

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