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Stay Tuned for More Exciting News About Prices!

I have given up trying to decide whether these Flag emails are parody or the real poop. In either event, it is so unreal that I think you will find it amusing in a bizarre way.

http://www.dreamstime.com/royalty-free-stock-photography-man-stunned-bad-news-image29374367Hi Everyone,

You may have heard about the upcoming service price changes, so we compiled a summary of what is known so far as this is vital for you to know and understand.

The entire pricing structure for services is apparently under revision, from bottom of the Bridge services at Cl V Orgs thru the top of the Bridge. New prices will almost certainly be announced at the big grand opening/new releases event Oct 4-6 weekend . There are 3 aspects of this which are most likely to affect you:

TRs & Objectives Co-audit, especially at Flag
Academy training at all Orgs
Lots of HGC auditing happening in all Orgs.

TRs & Objectives is definitely going up in price, in part at least because it is an entirely new course with a greatly expanded theory plus the co-audit hours have gone from 15-25 hours in the past to 130-150 hours for the new course.

At Flag, the old price was $960. The current price is $2500 as this is the special price given to the Cornerstone members in the confidential project being run in the FH ballroom to prepare Cornerstone members for early Superpower delivery (about 250 on or through that service). Once released to public, I am told that the price will go to $5000 at Flag. OTs at this point can only do this service at Flag.

So if you are an OT, just set aside your considerations about difficulty of logistics and confront the fact that this is in your future sometime, and if you want to save $2500, you should pay for it now and have it secured. You can pay your FSC reg or your Flag Div 2 reg.

Academy training at any Org. The word we get on this as FSMs is that many of the academy courses, such as student hat, method one co-audit, purif, (and TRs & Objectives as per above) will go up in price. Also there will be fewer “packages” offering big discounts.

The current discount packages for Academy training make training absurdly cheap. Once something is paid for, it shows on statements as “paid in full” and that will be honored when the new and higher prices go into effect.

So if you have any postulates, plans or dim thoughts about doing future training, now is the time to secure your training packages at current rates and current package discounts.

HGC auditing happening in all Orgs. With Cl V Orgs about to receive the grades and NED processes checklists and other grades and NED tech of GAT II (which Flag has been delivering as pilots for the past couple of years), the speed of getting Grades and NED will increase dramatically, and HGCs are expected to fill up with waiting lists. (We saw this at Flag when we were there last month – there was a 2-3 day waiting list to get into session in the Ls HGC.)

Also, with the expectation that all local Orgs will delivery standard GAT II auditing on grades and NED, there are hints that Flag may no longer deliver these services as it will be concentrating on Clear thru OT VII and Flag Only services (Flag Only Rundowns, Superpower, Cause Resurgence Rundown, Ls).

Public are prioritized based on how early they donated for auditing and the number of intensives. So if you have any plans for HGC auditing, now is the time to get these paid for.

REVITALIZATION OF PURPOSE: Please realize that you can expect to have your training and auditing purposes revitalized by GAT II. This is certainly happening at Flag and will happen big time in local Orgs when the tech staff return from Flag. Hint – you can expect to become a successful auditor!!

The regs now have gotten data about some aspects of the new price structure. This data is a compilation of data from 3 regs, Flag and Cl V Org. The new prices are going to be based on a thorough study of all that LRH ever wrote or said about pricing. This is an extension of GAT II – the thorough study of everything LRH wrote to make tech and admin (and pricing) as standard as possible.

One change already happened quietly a short time ago – there are no longer any SCAs (service completion awards).

Now to changes expected: A key datum is that there will not be any 45% discounts on services in any packages or specials. Apparently LRH never mentioned 45% discounts.

This can be extrapolated to be expected to apply as follows:

*No grades or NED packages at Flag of 6 intensives at 45% discount

*None of the 12 intensive auditing packages at any Org will be available at 45% discount

*No “welcome to Flag for first time” packages of 3 intensives at 45% discount

*No packages of training and/or auditing will give 45% on any services, training or auditing. This includes the “Clear to Eternity” package which gives 45% and some training packages at all Orgs which go as high as 47% discount currently.

One other completely unknown factor is whether prices might go up or down in general or stay the same. The rumor so far is that prices will increase for courses for Academy level pre-requisites (TRs, Metering, M-1, TRs & Obj co-audit, etc.). No other rumors on training or auditing prices.

So if you have any of the above services in your Bridge plans for the future, now is the time to secure them.

When you donate, the services or packages you secure are noted in your treasury statement as “donated in full” and when you then later go to debit and use these, the computer system accepts that “paid in full” designation regardless of later prices. Note also that any donations you make will never be worth less than the cash value of the donation, regardless of packaging or price changes, so there is no downside to donating now.

There is no timing set for these changes but can be expected at the latest by the time of the grand opening/new releases event which will be Oct 4-6 weekend and possibly 1 or 2 weeks earlier or at any time from now on without further warning or announcement.

SO I REPEAT: If you have any of the above services in your Bridge plans for the future, NOW! is the time to secure them.

I know that it may not be in your plans to secure more bridge at this point, but I am obligated to let you know that this might be considerable savings for you to secure these. Please also note that this is in your best interest. The optimum scene or course is that you get the maximum service for what financial resources you have available. That’s how everyone wins most.

LIMITED WINDOW FOR EXISTING PRICES: Assuming the grand opening/big GAT II release event is the Oct 4-6 weekend , that gives you 2-3 weeks to arrange to secure whatever is appropriate for you.

Money donated for any service can always be used later at cash value for any other services so there is really no downside to donating now.

Call your registrar now, now is the time to make history. Give it your all.


Event Coordination
Volunteer Registrar Assistant Routing IC

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No more kool aid  on September 9th, 2013

Thanks for posting this. This is from two or more emails from Mike Smith, a well-known FSM in the Bay Area (California). He sent these out recently and I’m sure he considers this information to be true. They do seem like parodies but sadly they are not.

Scientology_411  on September 9th, 2013

“So if you are an OT, just set aside your considerations about difficulty of logistics and confront the fact that this is in your future sometime”

Translation – We don’t care if you disagree with being C/Sed for this flagrant out-tech, it’s our way or the highway. You’ll cough up the money and do this or you get declared and lose your family and friends!

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