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2011 – The Year of the PhoneyGraph

Plain Old Thetan brings us his analysis of the 2011 New Years event. It is well worth reading.

2011 – The Year of the PhoneyGraph

I just watched the Scientology 2011 New Year’s event.

It’s two hours and thirty-seven minutes of the usual over-orchestrated hyperbole-laden tripe.

But the thing that really struck me was that Miscavige has taken the PhoneyGraph to a new plateau.

I wrote about DM’s falsified statistics presentations in my article Lies, Damned Lies, and Miscavige Statistics. I have now adopted the term PhoneyGraphs to collectively describe the DM mechanism of manufacturing graphs which elaborately and falsely present information to event attendees.

The Scientology 2011 New Year’s event presents no less than eighty-nine of these “expansion demonstrations”. That’s one every two minutes.

Not only do the PhoneyGraphs present falsified statistics, but they are done in an insidiously clever way.

Every time one of these falsified statistics/graphs is presented it is done through a blurred vibrating video that looks like it was photographed during an earthquake.

When the blurring stops and the shaking subsides, the resultant in-focus graph is on the screen for less than one second.

Here’s an example of one PhoneyGraph that really got my goat.

As noted in my previous article, the number of auditing hours delivered on the NEW! Dianetics Seminar and NEW! Dianetics Co-Audit and NEW! Dianetics Auditor Course were required to be reported. As demonstrated there, it was a simple job with a calculator to prove that the monstrous delivery documented in that PhoneyGraph was in effect nothing.

In this case, the Odessa Mission apparently delivered 16,363 well done auditing hours.

Yet, they showed us that there was only one metered auditor at the Mission. That means that auditor was producing 315 hours a week.

That can’t be right.

But, according to the Mission Stats Glossary, a well-done auditing hour can only be counted if a C/S graded the session and graded it Well Done or Very Well Done. Per C/S Series 16 SESSION GRADING. WDAH only counts if there’s an exam after the session. Remember that the Book One procedure doesn’t require after-session exams.

If DM’s figure is being honestly presented, it means that there’s at least 13 classed auditors in the chair, pumping out auditing hours with no cramming. Wow. Impressive. Yet the video only claims there’s one classed auditor at Odessa Mission.

Let’s see. A tech estimate through the grades to Clear is on the order of 300 hours if delivered on the current Grades Process Checklists, and includes a Scientology Drug Rundown and Happiness Rundown.


So Odessa Mission must be producing one Clear every week! Very impressive.

But, when I look at the event, guess what stat is not in the video? That’s right. Clears Made.

The only conclusion that can be arrived at is that the impressive number of hours generated at Odessa Mission is Book One hours.

So, in order make the WDAH look good, the Book One hours were lumped in with the metered hours in violation of the written policy on reporting WDAH.

Of course, sitting in an auditorium with huge speakers blasting annoyingly loud bass music at me, flashing confusing implant images in one-second bursts, I’d never be able to have done any kind of analysis on even one PhoneyGraph.

The PhoneyGraph at the beginning of this article is another fabricated statistic. What the hell is “a person helped with social betterment technology”?

I suppose, if a VM handed a bottle of water to someone, it would be “a person helped with social betterment technology”. Or if a VM handed a Way To Happiness booklet to someone, it would be “a person helped with social betterment technology”.

I can guarantee that there are no success stories and no attests and no actual provable products that back up this so-called statistic.

And the “graph” is misleading. Since there’s no Y-axis, you can’t tell what the scale is. Did it go from 0 in 2009 to 6,737,778 in 2010? Or did it go from 6,737,770 in 2009 to 6,737,778 in 2010?

In other words, the “graph” is simply the presentation of a single datum. But it is deceptively done in the style of a PhoneyGraph, so you think it’s blasting through the ceiling!

Try this the next time you’re on course. Print out the following PhoneyGraph and turn it in at the end of course.

See what the Course Supervisor’s reaction is. When he gives you grief, tell him it’s simply a utilization of the graphing technology in use at Int Base. Tell the him that since DM is “Setting A Good Example”, you’re just doing like he does. See how far it flies.

— written by Plain Old Thetan

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John Doe  on January 6th, 2011

Two words, POT: You Rock.

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Marta  on January 7th, 2011

“See what the Course Supervisor’s reaction is. When he gives you grief, tell him it’s simply a utilization of the graphing technology in use at Int Base. Tell the him that since DM is “Setting A Good Example”, you’re just doing like he does. See how far it flies.”

OMG POT, now that is funny!

Nice analysis and summary. Can’t thank you enough for your sacrifice, watching the whole event through for us. Glad you could turn the volume down!

Fellow Traveller  on January 8th, 2011

POT brings an industrial fan to the church of smoke and mirrors.

The smoke clears and whaddya know — there is nothing left.

Hey. The room does seem brighter.

Bruce Pratt

lunamoth  on January 9th, 2011

This is a brilliant article, POT. Thanks for sitting through the ordeal they call an “event,” and for the keen analysis of the data.

These are some of the lengths to which the “church” will go to preserve the illusion that they are a functioning organization. There’s such irony that dm and his minions are using implant tech against the very group who prides themselves on having an understanding of that tech (and therefore cannot be the adverse effect of it. It would be laughable if it were not so sad and horrible.

Is it getting more pronounced – is that your observation? I remember years ago having the thought while sitting at an event that the extreme volume and unrelenting stream of music and spoken word, disorienting camera work and flashing images were very annoying and done quite purposefully. Surely we are not the only ones who see this. Surely there are many individuals who are trained enough to recognize these effects for what they are. Do you have any sense of whether others are noticing this?

Eileen Clark  on January 11th, 2011

You nailed it exactly. VWD!
Yes, it is more pronounced. Also, I’ve noticed that the artwork and effects are heavier and heavier, more and more solid. They used to be light, airy, artistic and very appealing, one could actually view them for longer than a millisecond…long time ago.
For what it’s worth, the latest Auditor Mag was actually about the SHSBC, of all things. Not a word about Basics. Saint Hill’s Advance Mag also had little to say about Basics, featured OT’s, which was a nice change, with only a little bit of hype about IAS. Think they’re reading Indie blogs??????? \o/

Total turn off now.

Eileen Clark  on January 11th, 2011

“Total turn off now.”
totally non-sequiter and to be ignored…:)

plainoldthetan  on January 12th, 2011

It is indeed my assertion that it is getting more pronounced. Louder music, flashier implant images, more PhoneyGraphs.

One can see that it is accompanied by no shame, however.

LRH describes in several places (like lecture THE ROLE OF A SCIENTOLOGIST in the 4th London ACC and lecture SCIENTOLOGY, WHERE WE ARE GOING in the Clean Hands Congress) how introverting and implanting and interiorizing people into things can be done with lies and overwhelm very easily.

I just watched a 2-part History Channel documentary called “Third Reich”. The carefully orchestrated propaganda and peer pressure left the everyday citizen totally buying the Nazi front-story. When the Americans finally came to liberate people from the concentration camps, the Americans made the Germans from nearby cities tour the camps and help bury the dead. The common complaint of these Germans was apparently “We have all been lied to”.

Maybe there’s a similar phenomena occuring with Scientologists. Some can see, and others can’t.

“No responsibility” of magnitude.

I believe others see this but their powers of observation end when the event ends. They won’t allow themselves to examine the waters below the surface to see what the INTENTION behind the lies is.

Tom  on January 14th, 2011

What tdo you expect from a high school drop out who spends his spare time playing video games and drinking scotch? He’s just “sharing hir reality” with us. Besides, who goes to the movies for *plot*? Its action all the way in this over-amped day and age.

Oh, and thanks for sitting through it for me. I have NO interest in DM’s editing\special FX ‘skillz’.

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