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inTouch Magazine September 16, 2013: Tom Cruise wife-auditioning

intouch16Sep2013p0The latest inTouch magazine (circulation 595,614) featured a cover splash about Anette Johansen’s experience being “auditioned” for a Tom Cruise wifehood.

Inside the magazine, there was a full-page story.

Anette’s story has been already covered at Tony Ortega’s site and on Anette’s own blog and on the UK’s Daily Mail website.

The UK Daily Mail even reports that the church is continuing to deny that the wife-auditioning occurred, even though witnesses continue to surface. In other words, the church is “handling” the bad PR by baldly lying about something everyone knows is true.

My own purpose for posting the magazine article here is to document the horrible PR that Miscavige continues to generate for Scientology Inc, and to tally up his stats.

To underscore what the problem is: Miscavige felt he had to step in and order church workers – Sea Org members – to set up and orchestrate the locating of and vetting of eligible fem-Scientologists to be Tom Cruise’s wife. Twenty years ago, you couldn’t keep women off Cruise. Now the “pope” of Scientology has to cherry-pick (pun intended) wife-able material for Cruise.

It’s a little like a protective mother choosing a wife for her little boy.

Does an honest, straightforward Scientologist with a clean track record in the wife department really need his Uncle Davey to put together a team to find him a wife? Does any woman’s family want her to be involved with Cruise, a guy who had the “pope” of Scientology be his best man at the wedding attended by his out-of-wedlock daughter? Does any woman want a very public connection to a guy whose gay rumors follow him to this day, true or not? Who wants to be connected to a church that constantly and continually lies about its own activities, even if it meant marrying rich-as-Midas Tom Cruise?

What a dream catch!

And how hard is it for Tom to find a wife on his own now that the truth about how much Scientology Inc’s meddling in Tom and Katie’s life occurred?






Miscavige’s stats are moving into a new range. Way to go, Dave! I can’t wait to hear you crow about this stat at the elephant dung collection site, er, Super Power launch tent. 

Media Circulation/Viewership
Enquirer (5 Aug) 596,166
inTouch (29 Jul) 595,614
Life & Style 681,723
OK! 331,000
Star (25 Aug) 782,333
Enquirer (26 Aug) 596,166
US Weekly 1,980,862
Star (29 July) 782,333
Enquirer (16 Sep) 596,166
Ellen DeGeneres 2,950,000
Enquirer (23 Sep) 596,166
inTouch (16 Sep) 595,614
Sum 11,083,549

Will the circus tent be brought down by a hurricane? Or Miscavige’s own arrogance?

— written by PlainOldThetan

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