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Miscavige: Off-Source By Miles and Miles

Miscavige: Off-Source By Miles and Miles

I continue to be amazed by the 2011 Scientology New Year’s Event.

It’s the latest in a series of “Int Events” staged by the CofM in order to impress the parishioners, while at the same time presenting lie after lie after lie in order to ensure that the mind-numbed Scientologists stay in line and defend Miscavige.

If you’ve been paying attention, you already know that “Int Events” are NOT an LRH invention. I well remember asking the LRH PRO (Public Relations Officer) West US what the LRH policy was that implemented the “Int Events”. The LRH PRO hemmed, hawed, sighed, and said “We use the Congress policy for the Int Events.” Well, I’ve studied the few issues dealing with Congresses in OEC Volume 6. There ain’t nothin’ in ‘em about no “Int Events”.

No, the “Int Events” have been manufactured by Miscavige solely in order to dazzle Scientologists, while at the same time setting up Miscavige to be the object of his manipulative, orchestrated, self-serving iconolatry1.

In other words, the Int Events are off-source.

In his predictable way, Miscavige insists that the Int Events have dazzling mest components meant to astound and overwhelm attendees. Should a religion invest so much time, effort, manpower, and money in something so non-spiritual?

LRH criticizes exactly this kind of action by a religion in lecture 27 October 1955 (4th London ACC) THE ROLE OF A SCIENTOLOGIST.

[A religion] isn’t something to do with how many bank accounts we got. It hasn’t got anything to do whatsoever with how many sides of the political pie we can cut. It hasn’t got anything to do whatsoever with keeping a people in chains.

A thetan who has no understanding or comprehension of exactly how to monitor a body and take care of it and get in and out of it and so forth doesn’t stay behind it; he snaps into it. Let me call that to your attention.

So it tells you definitely that the Christian Church did not have enough know-how to keep from snapping into the body. And after it was organized and all set, it snapped into the body. And although it keeps going, its kept-goingness was on a mest level and so we got it building huge edifices2. That’s a funny thing for a church to do, really, and yet we accept it as one of the primary things a church does. It builds a building.

Builds a building! What’s it doing with all that mass of stone, huh? So it can interiorize into that, too?

Once again, it’s patently obvious that the Idyllic Orgs program is light-years off-source. And Scientology parishioners are getting sucked in and interiorized into it.

David Miscavige may insist that we all buy mest objects like CDs and Basic Books and Tech Volumes and new meters. He may insist that you pay through the nose for huge empty unutilized buildings. His registrars and salesmen may enforce purchases on you. They may extort the money from you by threatening you with disaffection or excommunication.

Those are only the latest mechanisms used by a church not serving its members.

They are only the latest effort to interiorize a church’s members.

And it’s all off-source.

Written by Plain Old Thetan

1 iconolatry: the worship or adoration of an image

2 edifice: a building, esp. one of large size or imposing appearance.

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Li Po  on January 21st, 2011

Spot on, as usual. Many Thanks

Fellow Traveller  on January 23rd, 2011

Well, of course.

“Int Events” are events to interorize attendees. That would never be an objective of LRH’s.

Can I get a flunk for comm lag here? My flunk.

Thanks Bart, ah, er, Plain Old Thetan.

Bruce Pratt

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