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Miscavige’s Int Event Staging: Not A Coincidence

Plain Old Thetan has spotted a resemblance to times past that those of us who were born in the Thirties have been carefully not mentioning. He is right again, as usual. ~~ David St Lawrence

Miscavige’s Int Event Staging: Not A Coincidence – by Plain Old Thetan

Not everything that bothers me about Miscavige’s malfeasance  occurs to me at once.
This one took about two weeks, but it still occurred to me.

I was watching the 1969 film Battle of Britain, when a sequence came on the screen of a Nazi party meeting. I sat bolt upright.

No wonder the Int events bother me so much. They’re staged exactly like the 1930’s and 1940’s Nazi party meetings.

This bothers me so much I put together a comparative scrapbook with scenes from the movie and scenes from the 2011 Scientology New Year’s Event.

I realize they’re not totally indistinguishable, but I trust there are enough visual cues to allow you figure out what images came from the Battle of Britain movie, and which came from the Int event.

What I long for is video briefings like these I found on YouTube:



There’s no stroboscopic implant graphics, no over-loud music, no falsified statistics, no diversion off source.

There’s no drones herding you into a side hall where you can be pounced on by ravenous reges and salesmen.

Just simple straightforward communication from management to individuals, inexpensive to produce and distribute.

And not restimulative of anything…or anyone.

— written by Plain Old Thetan

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Marta  on January 28th, 2011

Nice comparison, POT. It leaves little wonder about coincidence and would appear there are some ‘successful actions’ and techniques being re-used to full effect.

AnonLover  on January 28th, 2011

The similarities are indeed scary. Thanks for the great right up – this topic was briefly focused on when Anon first rose up in early 2008 and well deserving of more attention.

A few references you’ll likely find interesting:



And prior to early 2008, Germany has long held their contention with scientology is its nazi tendencies is not compatible with their constitution:


I for one always felt that if anybody had a say in calling a spade a spade on this tangent- it should be the German government. Too bad the rest of the world paid it little attention years ago. and all the more reasons why we should emphasize it and revisit again. and again. and again if need be.

Centurion  on February 1st, 2011

You know, it is amazing how much ancient Roman symbology the Nazi’s adopted in their wartime culture. The Romans had as their imperial symbol the “aquila”, or eagle. So did the nazi’s.

The Romans used battle standards adorn with golden symbols, and so did the Nazi’s. The color red was symbolic of the Roman god Mars. Red is prominent in Nazi banners. Romans enslaved people. Nazi slave labor was key in building their wartime materials. The Romans were pagans. Hitler was into the occult, etc.

And now we see a so-called church leader mirroring the same symbolic flair, slave labor (SO underlings), secret intel (OSA), praetorian guards (PI’s), and acting in a debauched way (beatings, torture, SP Hall) and using proscription (taking out Mary Sue, LRH kids, Broekers, etc) to gain power.

And all of that is cloaked in pretty buildings, rallies, strict adhearence to restrictive, cultish rules (no outside philosophy allowed),high demands for total financial devotion to the central collective. Personal freedom is frowned upon..only the group (church) matters.

I always wondered why I felt so restimulated at the events. Now I know.


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