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Why I no longer use OCA tests

OCA Graph 2010For many years I oversaw the use of Oxford Capacity Analysis testing at my mission in Manhattan Beach, CA. It gave us some insight into the personality traits of an individual which would affect his behavior and would have to be resolved in order to improve the quality of his life by his and others standards. For example, sometimes the person  would see the graph and realize that it agreed with what others were telling him about himself.

One of our staff members created the first computer scoring system for the OCA and even offered it to the Church of Scientology for distribution to other orgs and missions. He did a masterful analysis of the OCA logic and scoring rules and produced a DOS program that ran on early 1980s computers and enabled our staff to score and print out OCA results in about 5 minutes from start to finish. The church eventually came up with their own OCA program 3 years later.

Our primary use of the OCA was to give the prospect a whole new viewpoint on his personality traits. When the evaluator was sufficiently deft, the prospect would agree that there was some room for improvement and would sign up for a service. We had staff who cared about our public and the signups usually went quite smoothly.

When a prospect felt he was getting a wrong indication because the traits did not indicate to him, he would be quite negative on the OCA test and the organization itself.  We did not see much of this because our evaluator was an extremely well trained auditor, but you can see frequent mention of this in Internet chat groups.

I eventually used the OCA results only as a guide to determine what actions should be taken to raise the traits that were too low.

Fast forward many years. In my personal practice I started by giving OCAs to new clients and I had one of the best OCA evaluators in the business giving me detailed analysis of what was going on with the new client and recommending what actions should be taken to bring the person up to where he should be.

Here is where I began noticing something new and startling…

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jim wolery  on October 14th, 2013

A phenomena that, IMHO, may often exacerbate the situation you describe, David, is that after the pc has taken the test a few times- especially after a good bit of auditing, he will have a tendency to simply *breeze* through the questions without putting a lot of focus on them. Because he is allowing himself to sort of be more relaxed or off to the side, any entities looking for a little attention have greater opportunity to express themselves. Having a similar personality survey form, but with differently worded questions would probably handle much of that.

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