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If Miscavige wrote it, it isn’t true – article by Plain Old Thetan

I got my International Scientology News in the mail today.

I’ve already reported that the 2011 New Year’s Event was rife with PhoneyGraphs.  My count is that there were 89 falsified, altered, inflated, or misleading statistics, as reported in my article at /?p=1468.

In the International Scientology News for 2011, though DM has the temerity to repeat the mistake. In the case of the magazine, there are 35 PhoneyGraphs, illustrated with video snapshots taken directly from the event videos.

The people I spoke with today had also received their International Scientology News in the mail.

They already knew of the concept PhoneyGraph, so when I started to talk about the International Scientology News, they chimed right in, before I could ask, with comments about the falsified presentations of statistics. The most telling comment was: “I didn’t even have to pull out my calculator to see how bogus these so-called graphs were”.

So it appears the word is out: If DM has put it in print, it’s a certified lie.

What was missing from the International Scientology News was this PhoneyGraph from the 2011 New Year’s Event:

What’s wrong with this graph? The stat is a non-LRH (made up) stat representing nothing.

If you’ve studied OEC 7, you know that orgs are supposed to be measured in SQUARE PACES (HCO PL 25 April 1979 ESTATES PRODUCTION STATISTICS) But it’s more off-source than that.  According to HCO PL 6 November 66 II STATISTIC INTERPRETATION, ESTATE STATISIC, square paces of org space are USEFUL SPACE. I can guarantee that DM is not measuring USEFUL SPACE.

I remember years ago when I was at ASHO. After its 1995 renovations, there were 13 auditing rooms in the HGC.  Each org (ASHOF and AHSOD) had only three or four staff auditors, and there were 2 Class VI auditor interns on Day and Foundation. The Day auditors had to evacuate the auditing rooms at 6pm. The Foundation auditors couldn’t’ use the auditing rooms until 6pm. So only 6 auditing rooms were ever in use.

Each auditing room was 4×8 paces big. 4x8x6 paces is 192 square paces of useful space, even though there was 416 square paces of available space.

According to LRH, only 192 square spaces should be counted on the stat, since the rest of the space is not in use. But it turned out that within a few months after renovation, the space was also useless. Items were constantly scavenged out of the auditing rooms and taken to other auditing rooms or to the qual library. This scavenging rendered half the available auditing rooms useless. Only the basic 6 auditing rooms had Tech Dictionaries in them, anyway.

After LA Org was renovated, there was a Div 4 testing center right off the entrance to the HGC. But it was unmanned, and unused. Each day that passed resulted in something going wrong in the place. The pencils and pens were stolen. Then the timers were taken to replace the broken timers in the Div 6 testing area. The blank folders in the Div 4 testing center went missing next. Then the photocopier, waste baskets, chairs, tables, desks, and filing cabinets were gone.

So the Div 4 testing center, which might have counted as useful space the day the org opened, was quickly rendered useless.

I recently spoke to a staff member at Dallas’ Idyllic Org who told me that there’s 35 staff members there. The staff member verified for me that it basically means there’s not enough staff to use more than 30% of the square footage of the org. There’s lots of empty unused and unusable space.

But it’s a certainty that since DM isn’t calling this USEFUL SPACE, his figure represents raw square footage, useful or not, usable or not.

The DM toadies whose job it is to tally such things are certainly counting Portland’s Idyllic Org as square footage, even though NONE of it is useful. (http://leavingscientology.wordpress.com/2010/12/16/there-goes-the-neighborhood/)

Remember what the definition of ENTHETA is in the Tech Dictionary?

ENTHETA, means enturbulated theta (thought or life); especially refers to communications, which, based on lies and confusions, are slanderous, choppy or destructive in an attempt to overwhelm or suppress a person or group.

It’s obvious that DM is lying. But because it’s presented as “good news”, few people suspect the amount of entheta that he’s pumping out on an hourly basis.

— written by Plain Old Thetan

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Centurion  on February 5th, 2011

Another fine piece of investigative reporting from POT.

I never thought about these stats at the event. I would love to see only the LRH designated stats at the events just once. I remember seeing them at the early events, like WDAH, WDIC, BIS, STP, etc. Do they show those anymore???

lunamoth  on February 5th, 2011

Excellent article, thank you! And I am delighted to know that the individuals you are speaking to are not only starting to see the deception, they’re talking about it!

That crack in the dike is now a hundred, radiating cracks, each widening and growing and leaking cold sea water. I hope miscavige has his water wings on.

plainoldthetan  on February 5th, 2011

Centurion: I suspect that the real stats are still being kept, but that they are being sandbagged (held in reserve) for the LRH Birthday Event. I also suspect these phoneystats are fabricated TOTALLY for the New Year’s Event, so that Miscavige has “good news” to announce at such a major event.

But I also suspect that major alteration is being made to the REAL statistics behind the scenes in order to mutate them into “good news”.

What bothers me is: How stoopid does Miscavige think we are? How much more arrogant and condescending can he be?

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