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Including what we found in Scientology before it became a cult

Cruise lip-slip garners world-wide attention

pulling-hair-outPeople have been poring over the documents released in the Bauer/Cruise lawsuit. They give a long-missing view of Scientology and Cruise.

Although my own opinion is that Cruise skirted giving a direct answer to questions about whether or not Katie’s divorce was motivated by irritation with constant monitoring and “handling” by Miscavige’s Scientology  Inc minions, other examiners haven’t been so generous with Cruise, loudly proclaiming in their headlines that Scientology forced Katie into orchestrating her uber-secret ambush divorce from Tom.

The story has been picked up by RadarOnline  (1), BuzzFeed, NY Daily News (“Scientology Made Katie Holmes Flee”), Reuters, CBS News, UK’s Daily Mail, KHOU-TV Houston, OTRC, Showbiz 411, Examiner, KISS FM 92.5, Detroit Free Press (with video!), NewsMax, LBC 97.3 FM London, BOHOMOTH, Newsy (with video!), Metro, USA Today, UK’s Glamour, International Business Times, and dozens of others.

Today’s People tells about Cruise and his legal team backpedaling on his admission that Suri had quit Scientology and that Scientology had something do with the Holmes/Cruise split. So does aceshowbiz.

CeleBuzz is speculating that the discovery process in the suit has the possibility of scarring Suri for life and totally wrecking Cruise’s box-office draw power.

News Breaks just before Miscavige’s big weekend

The first problem is that story breaks the carefully-crafted façade that Miscavige maintains for Scientology just a week before the face-saving GAT II release. Nothing could nullify Miscavige’s power and influence more than his bro-bro Tom Cruise getting caught saying things that Scientology’s lawyers were paid piles of money to keep out of the public record.

Katie Holmes doesn’t have to worry about leaking the fact that Scientology Inc’s interference in the marriage had more than a little to do with the dissolution of the bond. Tom beat her to it.

Talk about an external influence!

The thin ice Cruise is dancing on

If the suit develops the way I’m guessing it will, Bauer will defend itself on the basis that Scientology is not a religion, but a cult. So the court-testimony will be an endless parade of ex-Sea-Org Members, declared parents who have lost their families and children, parishioners who have been denied refunds and repayments, relatives of parishioners who committed suicide when they couldn’t accede to the demands of IAS registrars, and ex-parishioners that have been surveilled, harassed, and had crimes committed against them.

It’s Bauer’s path to exoneration on the “religious bigotry” charges. And having the parade occur under Cruise’s name will totally trash what’s left of Scientology’s tattered reputation.

Will Miscavige allow that to occur? Can he even do anything about it?

Since the story has gone viral, I’m adding another 22,800,000 to Miscavige’s Damaging PR stat, bringing the total to 538,435,110.

— written by Plain Old Thetan

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