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Cruise opens mouth, inserts foot

cruiseangry(Nov. 9) Overnight, Fox News and MyFoxPhoenix picked up the story going viral about reaction to Tom Cruise’s comment in court documents that “working as an actor in action films is as hard as being deployed to Afghanistan”. Part of the cable coverage on Fox News even mentioned Scientology craziness and Oprah couch-jumping.

Originally taking the tennis racket to this hornet’s nest was TMZ.

Veterans and deployed servicemen have taken affront to Cruise’s hubristic arrogant solipsistic remark.

In the past 24 hours, the story has been covered by USA Today, NY Daily News, Business Insider, NewsBusters, HollyScoop (a great picture, and a statement that Cruise has “officially lost touch with reality”), ContactMusic, AL.com, GossipCop, FreeRepublic, SoftPedia, BeforeItsNews, HaveUHeard, Inquisitr, CelebrityCafe, InCaseYouDidntKnow, Drudge, LA Times, Pat Dollard, Hollywood Reporter, TruthRevolt, GodLike, US Daily, USA Daily News, and scores of other sites.

Actor John Stamos weighed in on the question by tweeting that “acting wasn’t as hard as getting a mani-ped”.

Independent Journal Review calls Cruise’s claim “insane”.

And in a manner characteristic of Scientology Inc and Miscavige Inc, Cruise’s attorney claimed that “TMZ had distorted Cruise’s remarks” (as reported by UK’s Daily Mail). Leave it to Bert Fields to re-cast “big being” Cruise in the role of victim, a tactic he apparently resorts to on a regular basis.

I’d like to remind OSA that that list of websites I’ve provided is not composed of anti-religious unemployed disaffected excommunicated apostates operating on the fringe of the Internet.

And since Greta Van Susteren was unable to get the story spiked on Fox, she must be squirming in the anchor seat right about now.

Since this story has gone so viral, so fast, I’m going to add 45,600,000 to Miscavige’s Damaging PR stat, bringing his total to 583,035,110.

— written by Plain Old Thetan

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D'Anne  on November 9th, 2013

AAahhhhh…. even comparing himself to a soldier in Afghanistan is absurd… they are using real bullets and they come home to poverty and many times maimed. Also dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. Tom Cruise goes home fully in tact with masseuses, his BFF David Miscarriage and a ton of money. Hmmmm… what’s wrong with that picture? How does that relate?

As one of the reporters said, “Tom Cruise has lost touch with reality.”

p.s. Why doesn’t someone ask him directly, “Tom, why are you allowed to visit your child when other parents are not allowed to see their children who have been disconnected?”
It would be great to see him try to squirm out of that question while under oath.

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