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UK’s Daily Mail does huge piece on CST’s Twin Peaks Facility

rimforest-schematic7 November 2013, UK’s Daily Mail revisited its Church of Spiritual Technology story, focusing on its Rimforest facility (also called Twin Peaks) in California. Previously, it covered the CST’s Trementia facility in New Mexico.

We’ve written before about the branch of Scientology called the CST here.

Tony Ortega has written about the National Enquirer’s botched coverage of the Trementia, New Mexico facility here. He did other coverage of CST’s secret bases here, in the first-ever interview with Dylan Gill, who also contributed to the Daily Mail story.

It seems like the only real distinguishing reason that the Twin Peaks story was run is that the Daily Mail got some nifty long-range photos of the site, along with a description of what-building-is-used-for-what from Gill. The really compelling reason would seem to be that “this is where David Miscavige is hiding his wife”.  Although the photos don’t reveal anything about that aspect of the story.

Based on the reports gotten from other Sea Org escapees, it’s not clear that either Rimforest or Trementia have actual housing for Cruise or Travolta (and their families).

We see in the Mail’s reports that celebrities visit the facilities, but the report from Gill doesn’t outright state that there’s fabulous underground vacation homes awaiting the rich and famous in case of nuclear or alien attack. We think that’s just something the Mail hooked on to in order to titillate readers.

And we find it odd that the Mail claims not to understand the origins and meaning of the huge desert-floor logo in New Mexicokools composed of two circles, each containing a diamond, when “everybody knows” that it’s based on the art of Kool cigarettes, Hubbard’s favorite brand.

But once again, the secrecy of the church of Scientology Inc pulls Miscavige’s missed withholds into the forefront of the media And by dragging Travolta and Cruise into the mix, the careers of his famous buddies get more muddied, along with Scientology Inc’s bad PR.

Since the Daily Mail reaches 1,863,151 readers daily, that brings Miscavige’s Damaging PR stat to a total 584,898,261.

That’s a big number for just five months of tracking it!

— written by Plain Old Thetan


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