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Just a reminder…Miscavige lied

I was pawing through a crate of old Scientology promo today and found this promo piece from the “church”.

Look! The opening of the Super Power building was announced at the New Year’s Event 2011. Since the only one that announces things at the Int Events, the announcement was made by Miscavige.

He lied.

And sign-ups for Super Power were being pushed for blood in 2011.

Because 2011 was the year of Super Power.

I notice that unnecessarily re-doing Objectives and Purification Rundowns weren’t noted in the 2011 Super Power promo piece.

Maybe because that’s because the “church” figured out if it was in writing, it would be true. And if it was true, people wouldn’t “flock” to sign up for Super Power.


And if anyone can steer me to what LRH actually wrote about Super Power being the solution to Planetary Clearing, please tell me where to find it.

— written by Plain Old Thetan

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