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Finding your way after leaving the cult of Scientology

Maintaining Credibility in the Independent Field

credibilityWe have a chance out here in the independent field to set standards of performance and communication that will give new people confidence that we are different from the unscrupulous bunch of scammers that have taken over the Church of Scientology.

Independent auditors/practitioners do not need expensive advertising. Their results speak for themselves. Almost every field practitioner I know gets new public from word of mouth referrals. They do not rely on some self-appointed committee to bless their technology with a seal of approval, they get out and deliver what is wanted by their public.

That being said, there is a part for independent public to play in this game. Whether you are a preclear receiving services or an onlooker, if you see or experience something that is non optimum you should TELL THE PRACTITIONER about it first.

Most of the practitioners I know were the “best of the best” when they were auditing on church lines and they take great pride in delivering what is needed and wanted by the client. If, for some reason, the client is not satisfied, he or she should take it up with the practitioner immediately.

The independent field can be what we expected Scientology to be and that is a place where communication is open and straight to the point. We do not need or recommend the covert and nasty chitter chatter that pervades the COS field due to the heavy punishment that comes from communicating truth.

So, there are at least two components to creating credibility in the field:  1. Auditors who deliver what is promised and 2. public who make known any lack of results as long as they notify the auditor first. This last is important as the tale of lack of results may have been altered knowingly to sow distrust in the field. If you contact the auditor first, you will know where the error lies and your comm will be effective in improving confidence in field auditing.

There is another important step in delivering services in the Independent field and that is to make sure that the prospective client’s expectations match what the practitioner is delivering. A client who has had experience with church auditing may expect the same meaningless rituals that are practiced by Church of Scientology staff. These rituals like signed disclaimers, sec checks, correction lists, recommendations from the Case Supervisor, trips to the ethics officer and admonishment not to discuss sessions do not help the client one bit but years of indoctrination can make it seem like these are important.

In addition, many of the independent auditors dispense with the ritualistic trappings of a church session in favor of getting in communication with the preclear and then getting down to business by taking up what the preclear wants to handle.  The looser, high ARC sessions are far more effective in producing case gain, but it is a change from the mindless rituals of COS sessions and one can handle this transition best with a free introductory session.

There are several of us in the Independent field who insist on delivering free introductory sessions before allowing a new client to purchase counseling hours. This intro session does produce case gain but more importantly it lets the practitioner assess the client’s ability to benefit from the services the practitioner offers. If the client needs services the practitioner does not care to deliver, it is a simple matter to refer the prospective client to practitioners who do what this client needs.

Credibility is all about meeting expectations and delivering what is promised. Independent practitioners do a fairly good job on the whole but the Independent field can help in this regard by validating good service and correcting services that do not satisfy.

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