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Including what we found in Scientology before it became a cult

What kind of auditing do I deliver?

This is an update of something I wrote earlier.  I deliver auditing to benefit my preclears and give them abilities beyond their fondest expectations. I consider that I am here to service the needs of those who recognize that they are not living up to their potential no matter where they are on the Scientology Bridge.

I deliver services tailored to the needs of my clients and handle whatever they bring up with workable technology that has stood the test of time. In too many cases, I have been the first person who has been willing to understand what this preclear or OT has been trying to communicate.  There used to be many auditors with that ability in the Church of Scientology, but they have long since departed because of the out tech that they were being forced to follow.

If you have gone Clear or OT before this lifetime or attained a state that is not on the current Grade Chart and have not been able to get anyone to acknowledge you, you might want to get in touch with me.

My auditing is first and foremost for the preclear in front of me and this increases his willingness to play the game of life. It recognizes the rightness of the being and puts him or her at cause again.  Here is just one example of the level of service that is delivered:

“Simply put, I have received more gains in the past two weeks than I have in the fifteen years since the South Bay Mission was closed”

Accomplishing such magic is not a matter of luck. It comes from following the Auditors Code and using processes that are appropriate for the person in front of you. It is recognizing when a floating needle occurs. It is recognizing when a process is complete and when a preclear has gone Clear.

It is also a matter of letting the preclear attest to states he has achieved and then handling the next thing he wants handled. The preclear or OT moves at the pace that suits him, not at the will of another person. Everything that is done must increase the certainty of the preclear or OT.

This is not what is found in the current Church of Scientology controlled by David Miscavige. People advancing up the Bridge become more uncertain and more hesitant to act because of fear of punishment or threat of disconnection.

When these people leave the church as eventually they will, it is easy to rehabilitate their original spirit of play and relieve them of the suppressive influence of the Church of Scientology. In the Independent Field, we have a Repair list to help former church members recover from their cult like experiences. It is used much like the Psych Repair List and it produces fast results.

In an independent practice, standard technology is used for the benefit of the preclear and is free of the arbitraries that have been imposed by the new management of the CofS. As a result, preclears of independent Scientology auditors are winning every day.

If you have questions or would like to discuss what could be done to give you more zest for life, send me an email at:  [email protected]

David St Lawrence

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Centurion  on February 10th, 2011


I look forward to hearing more wins. I love reading success stories from indy PCs/. They are of the quality you do not see in the corporate monkey version of scn.


Zeev  on December 13th, 2012

Hi, I’m from Mexico and I’ve been a Scientologist since 17 years ago. I just have finished my Grade I and I want to go beyond this point but not at the rates that the Church wants.
I’ve read your comments and I really want to experiment this way of Century XXI auditing. I really wish it. If you can audit me in Spanish that will be grat, but nevertheless if you can’t speak Spanish we can fix to you can deliver me auditing sessions in English. As you can see, perhaps I speak not the best Shakespeare English but I can defend myself. I’m in really, really full interest on become an OT with the IN Tech of Ron. Please let me know how and when. ARC Zeev.

joemach  on March 26th, 2013

Love your site, David. Really eye opening. Now I really know what I was disagreeing with, but couldn’t put my finger on it. It is a breath of fresh air to get the truth, for a change.

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