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Grifting, Flim-flammery, and Snake-Oil

snake_Tomorrow (November 15) starts the two-week-long festivities surrounding the GAT II, Super Power, and Mark VII meter releases at Flag, ending with the IAS event live at Flag.

Once again, we have been treated to the thorough review and re-vamping of the tech that was sorely needed.

We are told, once again, that the tech needed review and re-vamping because of the alterations introduced by “Suppressive Persons”. Such persons remain unnamed, which of course allows one to ask the questions “Isn’t saying that the tech was altered by unnamed Suppressive Persons itself a Suppressive Generality?” and “Gee, if the tech was altered, who did it other than the C.O.B. himself?”

You see, by blaming an unnamed Suppressive Person of non-specific crimes, the Scientology environment becomes dangerous.

After all, isn’t it dangerous to use altered tech on someone? And how do you know if the tech you’re being delivered has or hasn’t been altered? How can you trust your reg, your Supervisor, your auditor, your C/S? Isn’t an SP lurking just around the corner?

After all, the tech has gone through re-verifications in 1987, 1991, 1996, and 2007. And now, again, in 2013.

People who did OT levels have been declared unClear and had to start the Bridge over at vastly inflated rates.

Each time the tech has been reviewed and reissued, the “church” has lost parishioners…by actual observation of the activity in orgs and missions.

The whole business of Scientology Inc re-reviewing and re-reviewing and re-reviewing and re-verifying and re-re-re-verifying and reissuing tech smacks of patent medicine snake-oil hucksterism to me.

Remember Lucy Ricardo and VITAMEATAVEGAMIN?

VITAMEATAVEGAMIN was the answer to all your troubles. It contained vitamins, meat, vegetables, and minerals. And tasted just like candy, too!

Of course, no one told Lucy that there was one other ingredient in VITAMEATAVEGAMIN. No one told her it was 23% alcohol. Which leads to the unforeseen consequences in the video.

A similar fate befalls residents of Mayberry in the TV episode Aunt Bee’s Medicine Man.

It turns out that Colonel Harvey’s Indian Elixir is 85% alcohol, as tested by Mayberry’s doctor.

Every re-vamping of Scientology Inc’s tech has been accompanied by the promise that it was the ultimate in tech development and would solve all of your problems, as well as solve all of Scientology’s expansion problems. Of course, there were other ingredients introduced in the re-vamp that made the tech “not the best”. Ultimate, of course, is not only defined as “the end of a process” but “the greatest”. As Scientology Inc has taught us, neither one of those definitions applies.

By constant repetition of the re-examination/re-releasing act, we now know that any new total re-vamping of the tech won’t be the last.

And the promises made that a re-release is “the greatest” are only superseded by the next release, which is also “the greatest”.

I’m reminded of an old aphorism that goes A man with a clock knows what time it is. A man with two clocks isn’t so sure.

That’s the same problem that exists in Scientology Inc now: In the 80s a man familiar with LRH knew what the tech was. These days, he isn’t so sure. So much for Scientology: The Science of Certainty (Journal of Scientology Issue 16-G, June 1953).

By actual inspection, Scientology Inc’s expansion problems have only worsened. I’m expecting an avalanche of “I went to my Ideal Org for the GAT II release broadcast and there were only 20 people there” reports.

And the situation is complicated and worsened further by the fact that you’re not allowed to see the actual stats. At Int events, the stats are “presented” in a “format” that is not what LRH demanded. It’s impossible to tell if the rate of expansion is increasing because the real numbers, the actual stats, are hidden behind flashy CGI videos where what little actual information exists is only flashed on the screen for 1/15 to 1/2  of a second. Because the graphs are PhoneyGraphs and not in LRH-prescribed form, we can’t perform a stat analysis on the stats and assign the right condition. That’s the point, of course. (1)   (2)  (3)  (4)  (5)  (6)  (7)

2011 turned out not to be the Year of Super Power, as Miscavige promised. It was, however, the Year of the PhoneyGraph.

Now, we have GAT II and the (re-(re-))announcement of Super Power.

You are expected to believe that Super Power is the solution to all your troubles. It’s the solution to all of Scientology’s expansion troubles, as it is LRH’s solution to planetary clearing.

The approach should work because Super Power was pre-delivered, years ago, to Matt Feshbach who “donated” millions of dollars to the Super Power Building fund. That article, by the way, was published in 2006, when Scientology Inc was “poised” to start delivering Super Power, just like it was in 2011. 

The problem, of course, is that Matt Feshbach was already hugely rich until he was “found out” and had to declare bankruptcy in  2006.

Hucksterism. Grifting. Snake-oil.

Scientology Inc is leveraging what wins you have actually experienced in Scientology to lull you into believing that there are nothing but massive wins on the horizon. And in the world of Scientology Inc, if you don’t get the wins that the flashy marketing claims assert, it’s because you’re SP or PTS.

Miscavige’s claim is that the only reason that Scientology isn’t expanding is because he’s surrounded by Degraded Beings, Suppressive Persons, and Potential Trouble Sources. So he has a built-in excuse for making galaxy-sized mistakes. After all, if he’s surrounded by SPs and DBs, he’s PTS, and PTS people make mistakes. Right?

In his fallacious logic, he also forgets that LRH says in HCO B 20 April 1972 R I SUPPRESSED PCs AND PTS TECH that Suppressive persons are themselves PTS to themselves..

His built-in excuse also justifies his mass-declaring of long-term dedicated, trained, loyal Scientologists, like the thousands documented in reports from orgs  (1)  (2) , or the dozens documented on the South African Scientology web site  (1).

Hey, Chevrolet! Hey, Ford! Here’s a marketing approach you haven’t tried! Create an internal list of people who have complained about your cars or your service. Then, when any person comes in to your dealerships to buy a car to get a car serviced, first check the person against your list of disgruntled dissatisfied complaining customers. And then deny them a car. Or service for their car. And make sure the existence of the list is disavowed if anyone from the press asks about it. Yeah, that’s the way to expand your customer base!

So when you’re at the GAT II event at an Idle Org or at Flag this weekend, remember the bad that hasn’t been supplanted by whatever good Miscavige is claiming he’s done.

“Claiming” being the key word, of course.

— written by Plain Old Thetan

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