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Clearwater permits Super Power Opening activities

On November 13, the Tampa Bay Times reported that the “church” and the city of Clearwater had finally ironed out what would and wouldn’t happen at the big GAT II weekend.

protect_your_ears_78_xI found it interesting that the “church” is restricted to 95 decibels of noise that must end by 11pm. If they exceed that, the church has been warned that the cops have the authority to shut them down. Since 95 decibels is the sound level of a jackhammer at 50 feet, it’s still gonna be pretty damn loud.

Apparently someone told the Clearwater city managers about Miscavige’s propensity to hammer event attendees into unconsciousness with uberloud audio and video tracks.

According to the Tampa Bay Times story on November 12, the church was still asking for street lights and traffic signals to be taken down to facilitate Gold’s video shooting of the event exteriors. Since that wasn’t mentioned in the 13 Nov story, apparently that still isn’t going to be done.

— written by Plain Old Thetan

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