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Finding your way after leaving the cult of Scientology

What Long Term Agreement Is Is It Ok To Break?

rules-made-to-be-brokenI would like you to consider the agreements you may have made in your long and checkered history as a spiritual being in this universe. Now, I do not want you to discard those agreements yet, I just want you to consider them and why they were made.

When you intend something it happens unless there are counter intentions which you cannot overcome because you agree or agreed with them at some time in the past.

Consider these homely examples:

1. You intend to be a rock star but you do not wish to leave your girlfriend who will be snapped up by another as soon as you leave town.

2. You intend to be a rich engineer and make a great start until you discover girls in college and they require time and money.

3. As a little kid, you can read minds until your parents forcefully convince you that God does not want you to do that.

4. You see something miraculous occur or a being speaks to you about your future and when you share it with your mother or father, they say, “That’s nice dear, it’s time to get ready for supper” and you decide that it wasn’t important.

5. You want to help people and you discover technology that seems to allow you to do that and make a good living healing spiritual upsets. Then you discover that the Founder of the cult you are in had no intention of allowing you to succeed as a healer unless he could micromanage your every action.

Consider the elements of a game as Hubbard described them: Freedoms, barriers, and purposes. He goes on to describe games in some detail but I have not seen much about the rules of the game and who sets the rules.

Maybe the rules are set by those who would entrap others into playing the game and the game begins when the others involved AGREE to play the game based on what they assume the rules are.

I feel that a game is based on agreement. The players must have agreement on some level to interact. They put their pieces or bodies on the playing field and play the game according to their understanding of the rules. We have seen examples of some players who play by their own rules and by this they change the complexion of the game.

Scientology started out as one game and in the seventies at least we joined in to play a game where everybody wins. The Founder of the game started changing the rules when others played it better than he did. “He” added rules to declare certain people non-players so that no one could challenge his authority. Then he added rules that stated that only he had the right and power to add to the rules and “He” added a para military “priesthood” to enforce his way of thinking.

When those he removed from the game started playing games of their own, his wrath was mighty and “He” swore vengeance, etc.

After that, the game became getting him and the game of setting beings free morphed into a battle of heretics against the “one true faith”.

You have all been part of agreements which outlived their purpose. Here today, in this universe, there may be agreements that are no longer valid although they made perfect sense at the time they were made.

If you were to revisit them and look at the objectively, how many of them do not make sense in present time?

Could you make better agreements and change your intentions so that you would be free to play a better game for yourself and for your family?

Take it on a gentle gradient. Sit down with a cup of your favorite beverage in a quiet place and think about the things you feel you shouldn’t be allowed to do. In most cases, you agreed that not doing them was a good idea because that would be breaking the “rules” and the punishment for doing that was more than you could confront.

Take something “harmless” like teleportation for example. How does that spoil the game of life here on earth?

Take mind reading as another example. Why can we do it only if we keep it secret or present it as entertainment?

How about winning the lottery or being wildly successful and living on a tropical island with your family?  Does that really spoil the game for others or is it a consideration that someone else has?

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PlainOldThetan  on November 18th, 2013

R&D 14 has 99 entries on “games” including when it stops being a game and becomes very hard work, the difference between pieces and players, games played aesthetically, games played brutally and “how vast a game do you want to

I think the topic of this post can be to some extent figured out by learning the differences between “pieces” and “players”.

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