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Misdirection and Deception continues in the GAT II Era

Warning: this post is about politics. That’s because it deals with the policy and operation of the “church” of Scientology Inc, its policy makers, and its policy enforcers. If politics is something you find difficult to confront, or if it’s something you know you have trouble dealing with logically, you should move on.

Spin_Mike Rinder’s post today gathers together some key points that the naïve might be prone to overlook now that GAT II is finally out.

He starts with a concise seven-point summary of the bullsh that Miscavige put out at the GAT II roll-out. Most importantly to me is that Mike put it in bald-faced terms.

I remember in 2007 when the GAK came out that I told people that approached me that I wasn’t going to buy more than one set of Basics. Of course, the approacher tried to “handle” me: “Don’t you want the pure Source?” “Are you in disagreement with what COB has done?” “Don’t you want the world to have access to freedom?” I had to tell the approacher one simple thing: “I’m disappointed that LRH permitted incorrect books to be published for fifty years.”

Because, as Mike points out, even though Miscavige doesn’t ever say it that way, that’s the only conclusion you can come to. And therefore, the on-source Miscavige has single-handedly rescued Scientology from the degraded horrible books that LRH permitted to persist in the church. Therefore, of course, I should worship Miscavige as god and savior.

What I’ve also found hilarious is that parishioners were hounded for donated copies of LRH’s works so that the LRH offices in the orgs, AOs, and CLOs would be stocked with LRH’s works. In 2007, the LRH offices had to be re-supplied with the all-new books. So now, when LRH shows up at some org to take charge, his office will be stocked with unfamiliar works…works that he can’t find his words in anymore.

(Don’t believe me? In the “untouched” book Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health, the section called “Dianetics Don’ts” was in the section “Mechanisms and Aspects of Therapy: Part 1” in my year 2000 printing.

But in the 2007 printing, it’s in “Mechanisms and Aspects of Therapy: Part 2”!

Guess where it is in my 1950 fifth printing? That’s right: it’s in the section “Mechanisms and Aspects of Therapy: Part 1”!)

After sitting through Miscavige’s Golden Age of Knowledge briefing, where he said “not one word was changed” in Dianetics, boy did I go through some cognitive dissonance when I discovered that a whole section had moved!

Scientology Axiom 36: A lie is a second postulate, statement or condition designed to mask a primary postulate which is permitted to remain.


Neither truth nor a lie is a motion or alteration of a particle from one position to another.

A lie is a statement that a particle having moved did not move, or a statement that a particle, not having moved, did move.

The basic lie is that a consideration which was made was not made or that it was different.

Mike goes on to detail other contradictory assertions made by the COB, including the fact that the clubbed seals at the GAT II opening praised and applauded him as though he could do no wrong, without realizing that he had just confessed his wrongs to them.

Of course, he didn’t use the word “wrong” to describe his own actions. Maybe if he had, someone would have noticed.

This shows us what kind of spinmaster Scientology leader David Miscavige is. The man can spend millions of dollars putting together events at which he sells ice cubes to Inuits. When it comes time to deliver the ice cubes, he hands over a Baggie full of water. When the Inuits complain, Miscavige blames them for waiting too long to take delivery of the ice…and then launches into a sales pitch about how those ice cubes weren’t good enough for Inuits anyway, and that he had newer, better ice cubes for sale at a higher price that would take longer to get! Sociopathy is characterized by an individual having little regard for the feeling and welfare of others, having no guilt or sense of responsibility. So that description fits Miscavige. Check out the referenced article for more insight.

Mike correctly points out that the heaven-and-earth-moving done by the COB 17 years ago for GAT 1 was either totally wrong or wasn’t the glorious resurrection and recovery of the tech that Miscavige promised. Yet no one has reported that the COB said “I got it wrong. It didn’t work, because of my own serfacs and crashing MUs. I did lower conditions and came to realize that everything done in GAT 1 has to be undone. Scientology’s expansion has suffered because of me and my stupid decisions back then.” Or any such phraseology.

There was no acknowledgement by the COB that the Ideal Orgs program has stalled dead in its tracks, and yet at the same time the clubbed seals are being set upon by donations-hounds to give more and more money for less and less service, fewer auditors made, and less Clearing on a local level, much less a global level. (The Valley Org is stalled, stalled, stalled. But donations are being solicited for the PAC events center, a facility that actually won’t actually deliver Scientology services.)

Mike also pointed out some questions that needed to be answered, like:

Where’s Shelly?

Where’s Heber?

Where’s ED Int?

Where’s Senior C/S Int?

Where’s Tom?

Where’s Travolta?

Where’s Kirstie?

Most, if not all, these people were MIA over Miscavige’s 3-day self-gratification fest. Mike correctly points out that “all Scientologists were expected to attend”. The rules changes made for OTs even require them to attend all Int Events or be considered “disaffected”. And if all Scientologists were expected to attend, and Shelly Miscavige wasn’t in attendance, does that mean she’s considered NAS (Not a Scientologist) by the powers-that-be? Does the same apply to Tom? Or Kirstie?

Mike goes on to refer readers to today’s Tony Ortega column, in which Tony gets more inside gen from Jefferson Hawkins, the former head of Scientology Marketing under Miscavige.

Jeff gives an insight into the “mind of Miscavige” by discussing how Miscavige latched onto the bulletin issued by LRH called THE RESPONSIBILITIES OF LEADERS. (HCOB/HCO PL 12 February 1967, also found as Chapter 7 in the current Ethics book)

His discussion gives us an idea of why Miscavige should not be at the helm of the “church” of Scientology Inc.

(Of course, Miscavige isn’t really at the “helm” of anything having to do with anything or anyone, any time. Just ask his lawyers.)

Both Jeff and Mike actually worked with Miscavige, and can tell you that there’s some kind of ironfisted savage vicious motivation behind Miscavige’s obsession with that bulletin.

If you want to test the waters and see how deep Miscavige’s aberrated fixations with the bulletin are, stay in Scientology, spend a bucketload of money, and don’t be surprised when the boom is lowered on you, your Bridge, your training, your wallet and your associations.

Mike discusses the fanaticism of inside-the-circle Miscavige loyalists and their penchant with performing cruel acts and the most outrageous illegal and unethical actions in order to “protect the boss at all costs”. Which is, coincidentally, what yesterday’s column was all about.

Mike pointed out that Miscavige’s demand that power be flowed to him, even if it’s based on illegal or unethical or ill-mannered or out-ethnic actions, has led to the culture in the “church” of Scientology Inc that’s leading to its own downfall.

Mike points out the fact that the “church” now declares people Suppressive without Comm Evs and without paperwork, creating an oppressive “you must walk on eggshells” environment, populated by cowed and ill parishioners. He pointed at the South African blog as an example of the “declare everyone” obsession of Miscavige. Why do the “church” and Miscavige do this? So the persons being declared can’t fight back or defend themselves. It’s the ultimate in Suppressive Acts.

But it’s all okay, because it keeps Miscavige in power.

Never mind that the church is collapsing into a singularity.


You probably weren’t around, in the org, getting auditor-trained when GAT I hit the fan.

I remember the event, and sitting there saying to myself “this is good, it means auditors will be training in a more precise manner”.

Little did I realize, because the COB didn’t say anything about it at the event, what the magnitude of cascading unintended consequences going to be. And the same thing is happening in GAT II.

If the magical e-meter reads recorder is going to be incorporated into all auditing rooms, all course rooms, all internships, all cramming spaces and ethics interview spaces, then those rooms will have to be modified to support the new wiring that will transmit the reads to the C/S’s office or the RTC Gestapo garrison in each org.

That won’t come cheap. And your org won’t be getting funds from Int to pay for it.


When ASHO was redone about 1995, a whole giant evolution had to be done to replace all existing meters in auditing rooms, course rooms, qual, and ethics with Forest Green™ Mark Super VII Quantum meters. Of course, the courserooms and internships needed e-meter simulators, too. All that took a pile of bucks that didn’t come from Int.

Ideal Org bookstore officers (if the org has one) are being “palletized” with huge (unnecessary) shipments of New-New-New Student Hat™ materials, Levels packs and recordings, Mark VIII Ultra Bitchin’™ E-meters, E-meter reads-recorders and E-meter books.

With the Death of Dictionaries in GAG II (/?p=13697), Missionaires will be patrolling the halls, impounding the auditing room dictionaries, courseroom dictionaries, the course admin dictionaries, and the dictionaries owned by the students themselves. This forces the org and students to cough up cash for only the “approved” dictionaries, which translates into pallets of dictionaries that have to be stocked in the bookstore.

During the Mark Super VII Quantum meter introduction phase, Missionaires were patrolling the halls and courserooms, impounding (gasp) regular plain old Mark VII meters and only releasing them to the owner when the students coughed up the $1200 to get them upgraded. (How could the Missionaires tell? They didn’t have a solid brass logo plate on the face and the case, all part of the “upgrade”.)

Is it going to be different for GAT II? You can put money on the fact that students will be forced to get Mark VIIIs in order to learn to audit in an org. Or train on the SHCBC. Actually, the policy says two meters, so that’s a sudden imposition of  $10,000 to continue on your auditor training.

So, the engramic phase of GAT II has still to hit the Ideal Orgs.

Miscavige set in a giant group engram* with GAT 1, Resulting in the mass exodus of trained admin and tech people from the orgs, which then weren’t replaced with fresh faces wanting to train as auditors or admin staff.

Did Miscavige realize that? No. Odds are that he can’t even define “group engram” or demo out how one gets set in.

— written by Plain Old Thetan

* GROUP ENGRAM, 1. each time instantaneous action is demanded of the group by compressed time situations, and commands are given by the selected individual or individuals to cope with those moments of emergency, it can be observed that an engram has been implanted in the group. The instantaneous orders and commands are indicators of an engram. The engram actually was received during a moment of shock when the ideals, ethics, rationale and general thought and energy of the group collided forcefully with MEST. (NOTL) 2. a group is composed of individuals. If they have a group engram, it only has force because of basics on that subject in their banks. Thus, if they are cleaned up on the general subject, the general group engram should blow off and disappear. (HCOB 27 Feb 70)

(Note that the original notion of Group Engrams was discussed in “Notes on the Lectures of L. Ron Hubbard”, a book that was NOT redone and reissued in the Basics. Note that the HCOB on the processing of Group Engrams magically didn’t migrate into the current Tech Volumes, either. If Miscavige knows anything, it’s that when it comes to Group Engrams, it’s better to give than to receive.)


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D'Anne  on November 22nd, 2013

“I’m disappointed that LRH permitted incorrect books to be published for fifty years.”

Thank you for that! I’m going to memorize that word for word and use it. !! That stops the regging right there.

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