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GAT II, Part 3: Massively Overhauling Grade IV

confusedIn Mike Rinder’s post of November 15, he reported that part of GAT II deals with changes to the handling of service facsimiles:

His lordship also explained to the clubbed seals that there is a Ser Fac Handling that is part of NED. And that one big reason people were “getting stuck at grade 4″ and not moving onto NED (presumably a euphemism for “why we are not making Clears”?) is that they were being made to attest to having “handled” ser facs, when there’s a whole other Bridge step to actually handle them for good. After all, as He explained to the lesser beings in attendance, the grades are just key out, and NED is full erasure.

In Mike Rinder’s post of November 16, he added the following report:

I already mentioned the great “discovery” about Ser Fac handlings. Some further clarification of the GENIUS of this breakthrough. The Golden Age of GAG Grade IV now INCLUDES the NED Ser Fac Handling on Grade IV. This thereby ensures ser facs are “truly” handled before having the person attest to Grade 4. Apparently LRH overlooked that ser facs were NOT fully handled on Grade 4, and that was preventing them from getting onto NED?  (Wonder if GAG III is going to move handling Communication onto Life Repair once He discovers the inability to communicate is preventing people getting onto Grade 0?)

The amount of horsesh put out by His Eminence the On-Sourciness David Miscavige escalates with each report.

First, let me point out that, unlike what LRH said in many places, NO PAPER has been sent out “revealing” this major non-trivial change to the Grade Chart. Certainly nothing in writing has been issued by His On-Sourciness as to where in the scriptures LRH said to do this.

Let me remind the parishioners, ex-parishioners, friends of LRH, friends of Scientology, enemies of Scientology, and especially His Almighty On-Sourciness David Miscavige, what Source had to say on this point:

(From lecture 6505C25 THE FIVE CONDITIONS (also called FORMULAS FOR SUCCESS)) If it isn’t written, it isn’t true.

(From HCOB 9 June 1971 III C/S RULES, C/S Series 43) If no decision was ever made – is not in HCOBs and tapes – is not to hand and can’t be referred to by HCOB and tape, then a C/S should not be making the point.

HCOBs and tapes are the stable data that form the agreement between the auditor and the C/S. “If it isn’t written (or spoken on tape), it isn’t true.”

Never shake an auditor’s data by advancing data that is not on HCOBs and tapes.

A hidden data line can build up in C/S-auditor lines (or course lines or cramming lines) that CAN UNSTABILIZE ALL TECH AND DENY FURTHER RESULTS.

The decay of tech in areas begins with hidden data lines that ARE NOT TRUE.



1.  If it isn’t written it isn’t true.


If any of the tech terminals involved in GAT II didn’t query this “revelation” about service facsimiles and Grade IV, demanding the LRH Source that said it should be done, they should be comm. ev’d immediately.

The GAT II roll-out event should have provided each attendee with a tome of LRH references that applied to the changes being “briefed” on.

But no, there was no such tome, and it’s likely that there will never be one. Miscavige, the New Source Of All That Is On-Sourciness, can’t be bothered to follow such simple directives from the Founder and Source of Scientology. No, that’s too much work, and it’s too hard.

Oh yeah, don’t let me forget to mention: if he doesn’t issue such a tome, in 17 years it will be more difficult to trace the final downfall of Scientology and the Tech back to His Omniscient On-Sourciness.

In CIA circles, deliberately obscuring who ordered what when is laughingly called “plausible deniability”. One of the purposes of practicing plausible deniability is to protect the boss or to protect senior officials.

This harkens back to my post of earlier this week. It’s a way of practicing deception, either with outright fabrication or by obscuring the truth.

Now, Miscavige apparently claimed that he discovered that people who didn’t have full NED service facsimile handling stalled on the Bridge after Grade IV, because at the end of Grade IV, the person attested to having his service facsimiles handled.

That’s a BOFFL (Big Old Fat Freakin’ Lie).

First, here’s what one attests to at the end of Grade IV.































Note that none of these statements say that “my service facsimiles have been totally handled”. They say carefully worded things like “Moving out of fixed conditions into ability to do new things.” And “Can be right or wrong.” Not one of these clauses requires the pc to claim his service facsimiles are totally handled.

I want to point out that the above scan came from my 1988 version of Scientology 0-8. (It was also sold to me as a “Lifetime Edition”. Ha!) I note that the Chart of Abilities Gained magically didn’t migrate into the 2007 edition of Scientology 0-8.


How on-source is that?

Certainly, telling people that the End Phenomena of Grade IV is to attest that their service facsimiles have been handled is right off the verbal-tech hidden data line.

The LRH issue, which is HCO PL 23 October 1980 R CHART OF ABILITIES GAINED FOR LOWER LEVELS AND EXPANDED LOWER GRADES says what it says. If the EP of Grade IV has been changed, LRH didn’t change it. Certainly not in publicly-available writing.

Now, the claim that Miscavige made is that he discovered this “block on the Bridge”, which is yet another BOFFL.

In the last half of 1965, LRH was researching the Bridge. Many bulletins and lectures from July ’65 through February ’66 cover the Founder’s intention and theory of what the Grades need to do and should be. That stuff is in Tech Vols VII and VIII and in SHSBC lectures 420-440.

One lecture in which LRH covers the theory and purpose of the Grades is 6607c26 THE CLASSIFICATION CHART AND AUDITING SHSBC-434. Another is 6507c27 STAGES OF RELEASE SHSBC-428.

A couple key bulletins are HCOB 9 February 1966 RELEASE GRADES and HCOB 27 September 1965 RELEASE GRADATION, ADDITIONAL DATA.

The key point is that the Grades were intended to accomplish various states of release. From the Tech Dictionary: RELEASE, n. 1. one who knows he or she has had worthwhile gains from Scientology processing and who knows he or she will not now get worse. (HCOB 9 Aug 63) 2. a person whose case “won’t get any worse.” He begins to gain by living rather than lose. (HCOB 17 Mar 59 II) 3. a person who has been able to back out of his bank. The bank is still there but the person isn’t sunk into it with all its somatics and depressions. (HCOB 2 Apr 65) 4. a release purely and simply is a person who has obtained results in processing and has a reality on the fact that he has attained those results. That severely is the definition of release. (6206C19) 5. a release is an individual from whom have been released the current or chronic mental and physical difficulties and painful emotion. (DMSMH) 6. a series of gradual key-outs. At any given one of those key-outs the individual detaches from the remainder of his reactive bank. (6507C27) — v. the act of taking the perceptions or effort or effectiveness out of a heavy facsimile or taking away the preclear’s hold on the facsimile. (HFP Gloss)

The Tech Dictionary, and the Grade Chart, tell us that the EP of Grade IV is ABILITY RELEASE, expanded Grade IV release. It’s a KEY-OUT. It was formerly called HABIT RELEASE, Grade IV Release. (HCOB 22 Sept 65) It is most emphatically not an erasure.

Erasure, as Mike notes, is part of the EPs one finds in New Era Dianetics (NED).

In lecture 6607c26 THE CLASSIFICATION CHART AND AUDITING SHSBC 434, LRH tells us that The specific things handled at each grade are the barriers to clearing. Fixed conditions, such as those incurred by the presence of Service Facsimiles, are what is handled at Grade IV, not the service facsimiles themselves.

Class V auditors (NED auditors) can tell you there is a severe and unassailable logic to how the individual NED rundowns are arranged. It’s covered in NED Series 2RA, NEW ERA DIANETICS FULL PC PROGRAM OUTLINE, and NED Series 16RA, PRECLEAR CHECKLIST.  You will see that handling Service Facsimiles with R3RA is NED action eleven.

The trick is that NED action eleven is done far, far, far down the program.







NED action eleven is done after the NED C/S 1, which hats the pc on how to run NED and what the correction list words are and what the words used in the commands are and what the pc is expected to do with each command.

NED action eleven is done after the NED Drug Rundown. LRH tells us why in NED Series 9RC in which he says:



This tells me that LRH’s intention was to “set up” the pc to properly run NED long before getting to service facsimile handling. It also tells me that LRH expected to have poor or nonexistent auditing results unless drugs were handled first.

So, by arbitrarily moving NED action eleven into Grade IV, we can expect the following:

1) auditing loses

2) pc losses

3) Grade IV to take longer than the usual 2 intensives it takes

4) a rash of pcs not attesting to Grade IV, and instead being moved onto huge NED setup programs until the pc reaches NED action eleven, requiring ten or twelve intensives…or more…to do the “setups”.

Miscavige apparently didn’t tell us how the conclusion that LRH needed to be discarded and NED action eleven needed to be moved into Grade IV.

In fact, based on Miscavige’s now infamous (and idiotic) pronunciamento that “the blind have been leading the blind”, I immediately question the COB-meister’s “conclusions” as do most sensible people.

After all the WHY that the “blind had been leading the blind” led to a drop in stats and parishioners, not an increase, so by LRH’s eval tech, it was a wrong why.

Conclusion: if people have been wandering off after Grade IV, the “fact” that their service facsimiles would make them move from Grade IV to NED is also a wrong why.

But I have some different ideas.

Let’s say that FLAG pcs were “going away” after Grade IV, and not coming back. Let’s say that’s a truth for sake of examining the overall situation.

First, I can tell you that after staying at FLAG for ten or twelve or fifteen intensives of Grades, at FLAG rates, when one gets through Grade IV, after being promised faster Grade (with the implication of overall reduced expense for the Grades), when one finally gets through Grade IV, he wants to, nay, has to, return back to his job in Anchorage, Alaska or Battle Creek, Michigan to put his life back together and earn enough money in a down economy for fifteen to twenty intensives of NED (at $5000 an intensive, that’s $100,000). After five years of not making more than $20,000 a year, and being overloaded with credit card debt from his last Tech (mis)Estimate at FLAG, he now has failed purposes on going up the Bridge.

Now, when I was C/Sing on the SHSBC at ASHO, we never ever ever lost a preclear between Grade IV and NED. Why? If you ask me, it was because the preclear could move smoothly onto NED without having to come up with tens of thousands of dollars.

Has anyone dared suggest that professional auditing rates are too expensive, thereby interfering with the ability of a preclear to move smoothly from his Grades onto NED?

If the price of an intensive was (gasp) $1250 ($100/hour), more people might be able to plan for and stay on for his NED auditing. But suggesting to His Omnipotent On-Sourciness that more preclears might arrive, and stay, and get more auditing for less money is an experiment that absolutely cannot be tried, not in Miscavige’s regime. Except when lowering the price to $5000 an intensive for OT preps, OT eligibility, and other services.

Is GAT II going to lower the price of auditing the world around?

Not according to today’s post over at Mike Rinder’s blog, which reports hideously jacked-up prices for training, which in turn will lose the church auditors, which will lose the church co-audits, which will lose the church preclears.

If you’re a Star Trek fan, and have seen the TOS episode Court Martial, you will recognize the following quote:

Mr. Spock: Lieutenant, I am half-Vulcanian. Vulcanians do not speculate. I speak from pure logic. If I let go of a hammer on a planet that has a positive gravity, I need not see it fall to know that it has in fact fallen.

I am not half-Vulcanian. But I do not need to watch Miscavige’s changes to the Tech ruin Scientology to know that they in fact have ruined Scientology.

I’ve seen it happen before.

I’ll watch it happen again.

And report on it to you.

— written by Plain Old Thetan

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Axiom  on November 22nd, 2013

Thank you for that wonderful analysis. It explains much and I have a better understanding of Grade IV. Nice to know that I did in fact achieve the the EP of Grade IV, kind of a little rehab just by reading the tech again.

Makes me wish I was not so stopped by the church on becoming an auditor. I would have really enjoyed delivering those gains to others.

This should extend the number of intensives it takes to get through the Grades. But I am sure that is the plan anyway. This is beyond sad.

D'Anne  on November 22nd, 2013

I left after Grade IV. At that point I was exhausted… desperately wanting to get back to my business and rebuild it. I had been going 5 hours a day 5 or 6 days a week… amongst all my business work. I was exhausted by it. Just wanted to get back to work and “use” all the new wins I had accomplished. I didn’t want to go on. I just wanted to stabilize there. I saw too many old Scientologists failing financially and didn’t want to be one of them.

Then Katie left TC…. and that’s when I started looking. Whew. Thank you for having this blog and helping me to see the light!

David St Lawrence aka oldauditor  on November 23rd, 2013

The clubbed seals are so indoctrinated that they will never notice that people are still handling service facsimiles on their OT levels.

This is NOT due to a failing in the lower grade auditing. One’s OT case is composed of spiritual beings (Ron Hubbard calls them body thetans) and these often act as Ser facs because they defend the person against being wrong, being dominated by others, or being the effect of anything that seems contrasurvival.

The preclear experiences the charge and the attitudes, but they are not his own. Checking ownership on reading questions sorts this out easily. You can read more about this at http://spiritual-rescue-technology.com/?p=135

PlainOldThetan  on November 23rd, 2013

So, basically, what you’re saying is that the “big push” to handle serfacs in GAT II is just a ruse to push parishioners up to the OT levels, where they will find to their dismay that they’re STILL HANDLING SERFACS? But at $15,000 an intensive?

David St Lawrence aka oldauditor  on November 23rd, 2013

I do not think the church realizes that Ser Facs are caused by body thetans as well as a thetans decisions.

If they did, there would not be so many ser-faccy OTs wandering around. Has anyone noticed the amount of make-wrong they get from some OTs? Especially from OTs on staff?

I think the “big push” is a way to get clubbed seals to pay for more auditing by making them redo their lower Bridges.

I think the church will start leaking members again and we should be prepared to help the escapees recover from their cult experience.

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