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Beat the Thanksgiving Rush: Donate Today

Apparently the carrion-feeders in the IAS realized…as I predicted…that timing the IAS event for November 29 would mean that Scientologists with families wouldn’t be showing up.

So the US orgs are pre-cannibalizing the US parishioner base by having their IAS events tonight.

It’s unclear if there will be any kind of videos shown. But you can bet your wallet lining that there will be donation-hungry vultures trying to test parishioners’ loyalty by getting them to donate every last pfennig to the IAS before the parishioners can see the updated price lists from GAT II.

Note that the promo piece comes from the membership office WUS, and not the Phoenix Idyllic Org. The WUS membership office doesn’t realize that it’s totally unreal that people will be driving hundreds of miles across Arizona today in order to go to a crush-reg event on the roads that have been getting rain-soaked for three days.

But unrealistic  has never been a barrier when it comes to complying with a stat-push from Miscavige.

Oh, yeah, the promo piece says that the event is at the Phoenix Org but doesn’t give the address. Who side-checks this stuff?

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