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How Scientology Inc targets “donors”

marked_fenceThis letter was sent in after a reader saw our post about why Scientology Inc “registrars” (salesmen) keep coming back to the same few people to get additional donations. It shows several important things; one of which is the disingenuous nature of Scientology “donation regging”. But it shows at least one other important thing: this site subsists on the reports that come in to us using e-mail and other routes. The truths reported by our readers continue to help other readers see that the “church” of Scientology Inc is undeserving of continued support from its doggedly loyal parishioners.


Hi! Somehow I ended up on your site through link clicking or something and I LOVED the article you put up about prime postulates and secondary postulates and why registrars keep coming back to you if you have ever given. You are so right about that.

I used to be in sales and we did phone sales asking for donations for Narconon. We sold baseball tickets to celebrity all-star baseball games and the proceeds went to the Say No To Drugs Education etc.

We had a thing we called “taps.” These were cards printed up of people who had donated in the past.

Taps were like gold to us. If you were upstat, the senior would award you a stack of taps to call, meaning people who had donated before. So the reason they were called taps was because it was like faucet, tap water. If you turned the “tap” on, water came out, and if you called the “tap” money came out as easily as water coming from a tap faucet.

Also to go along with your post, in the old days, when people lived in more rural places with white picket fences, bums would come along begging door to door. If anyone gave them something, they used a piece of chalk and put a mark on the fence, or if no fence, on or near the door. It was small enough not to call attention to it but the other bums all knew the mark to look for. So the next bum or even yourself coming along again would skip the houses with no mark and would go to the ones with the mark cuz they knew they had given before and would give again. The bums had it all worked out.

Thanks for a great article. I love reading your stuff on the blogs too.

Best wishes, Jane Doe

Our fan Jane has reminded us of the origin of the phrase easy mark. Thanks, Jane!

Possibly Helpful Advice of the Week

Never, never, ever simply up and “donate” cash or credit to the “church” of Scientology Inc.

If you do, you’ll become part of their heartless, mindless donations machine and will likely never escape.

— posted by Plain Old Thetan

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Axiom  on November 24th, 2013

This is one of the things that keep me from donating while in. I knew that if I donate anything it was like painting a target on my back for the regges.

They did get a little out of me, but not much. But only when I decided to do it. Not on their terms. I would tell them that, “I only donate anonymously. That way it is a true donation because I get no recognition.” It was fun playing games with dumb IAS Registrars. Sometimes I really miss that about the Cof$.

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