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More damaging Miscavige PR: Leah Remini on The View

remini06Leah Remini appeared on ABC TV’s The View 19 November 2013.

On the show, which has an online video posted, Leah talks about the “church” of Scientology Inc’s toxic and suppressive practice of “Disconnection” at offset 27:41 into the video. Leah apparently has taken to calling the pratice “shunning” to distinguish Scientology’s fascistic behavior from the psychological term “disconnection” which means a break with reality resulting from internal conflicts and dissatisfaction with self.

(ABC’s episodes site has a really sucky video player. You can’t just skip to 27:41 in the episode without being forced to sit through three 3-minute commercial segments. You can’t skip the commercials, either. It’s just sucky. Even if you have a DVR at home, you can still scan past commercials to a time-offset in the show! Apparently ABC hasn’t caught on to the fact that us lowly peons want to watch TV without being forced to watch commercials.)

The View apparently gets 5.93 million viewers, so this brings Miscavige’s damaging PR to a whopping 592,691,412.

Hey Davey, on the week of your triumphant GAT II roll-out, Leah reached 2,500 times more people with your aberrations than you reached in your top-secret total-security paranoia-ridden circus tent!

— written by Plain Old Thetan

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