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Nov. 18: UK’s Daily Mail Bastes Scientology Inc SP Building Opening

ChurchIn-empty1The UK’s Daily Mail got some of the best pictures and most realistic narrative in order to publish a story about the Super Power building opening in Clearwater.

Unlike church organs, the Daily Mail spoke with Clearwater residents who had a less-than-glorious take on the building’s opening.

And unfortunately, hopeful downtown Clearwater merchants are banking on the “church” of Scientology Inc’s promises that the monstrous ‘cathedral’ will revitalize their depopulated city center.

After November 29, we can pretty much be sure that the crowds will dissipate and that things will be back to status quo in Clearwater, with the merchants wondering where all the people went.

It reminds me of that old nursery rhyme:

This is the church….and
This is the steeple
Open the doors…
And where’s all the people?

This accentuates the evil with which Miscavige reigns. He can selfishly destroy the environment of downtown Clearwater for decades, including marring the skyline with a half-finished shell of a building for a decade, and then when he needs the city of Clearwater to cough up police and firemen and building inspectors…he can’t get them.

That’s because in Clearwater, the “church” of Scientology Inc is a bad neighbor.

Even worse, the few people interviewed in the Daily Mail article who thought that the ‘cathedral’ would revitalize downtown don’t realize that it was designed according to tour ship or Las Vegas casino/hotel specs: give the occupants absolutely no legitimate reason to leave the edifice. That way all their money stays inside.

Too bad for the downtown merchants.

Since the Daily Mail reaches 1,863,151 people, that boosts Miscavige’s damaging PR stat to 594,554,563 since Leah Remini left. Impressive.

— written by Plain Old Thetan

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