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ABC News report: Germany has decided that Scientology is too small to be feared

the-lives-of-others-2006Warning: Today’s post deals with something political. That’s because it reports on a country’s policies and the actions of its policy makers. Politics and policy both derive from the Latin root word polity.

AP and ABC news reported November 26 that Scientology in Germany has shrunk 10% in the past year and is going get only minimal attention from the fearful in Germany.

This means that not only “banished conspiratorial apostates operating on the fringe of the internet” are now noting how much the church has shrunk. Remember that the 10% is just in the past year. 

Gott himself only knows how much it will shrink in the upcoming year due to GAT II.

When the mainstream media picks up stories like this on their own (note that the “usual sustpects” are not quoted in this piece), then the “church” of Scientology Inc’s ongoing mantra about “it’s only the few disaffected missed withholdy disgruntled ejected apostates” loses its teeth.

The story was repeated by the Washington Post, Der Speigel, salon.com, Free Republic, Tri-City Herald, Cortez Journal, Boston Herald, Greenwich Time, Bradenton Herald, mail.com, The Journal Times, Fresno Bee, FoxNews (sorry, Greta)  and dozens of others.

There’s so many places running the story that you can get an idea of how widespread the story is by doing the Google search yourself by using this link.

Some may consider it good news that Germany announcing that it’s minimizing surveillance of Scientology Inc.

But the stories all say that Scientology Inc has shrunk so small it’s not worth the budget expenditure that it has been. And that’s the damaging PR that Miscavige needs to take responsibility for.

It’s on so many sites with so many viewers that I’m going to award Miscavige another 22,800,000 Damaging PR hits for this one.

That Brings Davey’s damaging PR total to 617,354,563.

In the week between GAT II and IAS 2013. Pretty sweet maneuvering, Davey!

— written by Plain Old Thetan

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Scientology_411  on November 27th, 2013

So Germany is backing off but not for reasons that Davey can report to the flock. That’s pretty amusing when you think about it. I’m sure he’ll twist things to a version more amenable to his vanity at the next event.

PlainOldThetan  on November 28th, 2013

Davey wouldn’t report it anyway, because if he did then it would give people excuses not to make donations to the IAS that would “fight suppression in Germany”.

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