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Tampa Bay Times: Cruise head over heels over Prepon?

Laura-Prepon-Is-Leaving-Orange-Is-The-New-Black-The Tampa Bay Times today forwarded a report that Tom Cruise (51) is doing his usual blitz-style romance approach with former That 70s Show star Laura Prepon (33).

It’s a bit unclear how reliable the information is at this point. After all, Perez Hilton, source of all accurate things Scientological, is carrying the story.

Will Cruise jump the couch over “fellow Scientologist” Prepon? Will Prepon’s agent advise her that a public association with Cruise carries with it the promise of a decapitated career? Will Davey approve? Will Suri approve?

There’s a good chance that this story won’t develop beyond the speculation stage, but any Scientology actress ought to by now know that Cruise’s bromance with Miscavige is the kiss of death for Cruise’s fourth marriage. Especially since he’s let it slip that the extra-marital relationship soured his marriage with Katie Holmes.

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