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Suspicion & Distrust. Life in a Scientology Org

This recent posting by scnafrica captures the rampant insanity existing in Scientology Organizations at this point in time. It was evident when I was last involved in 1995, and I have seen signs that it is getting progressively worse as time goes on. People outside the church may find it hard to believe how destructive this can be.

I posted this in its entirety because it may give you some compassion for those who are still in the cult and some ideas how you can help them break free.    ~ Posted by David St Lawrence aka Old Auditor

suspicious1Originally posted on scnafrica.

Running a Scientology org should be the easiest thing in the world. You offer training and auditing and help people get it. You employ people and give them a wage they can live on in doing their jobs. When things are not going well you look at what is being done wrong and correct it, all the while looking to improve quality of service to customers. In other words, exactly the same as any successful enterprise in the world.

This becomes impossible when group reflection is not part of the operating make up of the organisation. In such a climate any difficulty is assumed to be an outside enemy seeking to destroy the organisation. As one Scientologist famously put it “it’s like blaming your customers for the poor state of your business.”

This is what running and being a staff member in an org has become. We were recently sent an 8 page report written in November 2010. Written by the LRH Comm Joburg it was addressed to CMO and describes the scene in Joburg Org. It also goes into some detail about individual staff and some public. It clearly shows the state of suspicion and distrust that exists. Staff are generally assumed to be up to no good and to have “overts and withholds” no matter the circumstance.

After much debate we decided not to publish the entire document as it gives details of individuals that we do not believe should be published.

The opening paragraph is a damning indictment on the state of this Ideal Org which, if one listens to the public statements, was in the midst of its greatest expansion ever. This quote is under the heading “EX STAFF & LEAVING STAFF”. Names have have been removed.


“with regards to staff leaving the org, I have come across a campaign that “they leave because it’s too entheta in the org”, or they leave because “the org is so fucked”. This came up with [Name1], [Name2], [Name3], [Name4], [Name5] and others. Recently [Name] went to see [the ethics officer] and started crying saying he’s leaving because “the org is so fucked” and “he doesn’t know what to do.” The way I see it this is the justification, and this campaign has brought a lot of agreement amongst the people who have left and those planning to leave, that they don’t leave because they have overts and withholds.  This has resulted in a lack of industrious work to clean up O/W’S when someone leaves. It doesn’t help that the C/S and the E/O have bought into this line.  The C/Ses reaction to me pushing to get further sec checking done on [Name] show’s where she is at in this regard.”

This clearly paints a scene of unhappy staff working in an unhappy org. Yet it is all a “campaign” by unnamed persons.

The rest of the report is a litany of what’s wrong with people who have committed themselves for just about no benefit to this organisation. Yet it is they who are irresponsible. For example: (random initials are used here by us to replace real names)

“AB: She is constantly exasperated and upset about her post. Every time I take up her post she tells me she was made the [post title] against her will and if she knew what it entailed she would never have taken it on. From her viewpoint she was lied to so all her failures, flaps and hat dumps are completely justified. I can’t get her to take responsibility for any part thereof. … She is extremely low responsibility.”

“CD: About 2 weeks ago Gaby got in comm with CD to find out why she has not returned to staff, and why she reneged after she re-signed. What came up was that CD had initially gone to other ex-staff in an effort to get more people recovered back on staff with her and was given a pile of BPR (black PR), which she bought into. She had spoken to EF, who told her she doesn’t want to go back on staff because “the org is too entheta” and meetings are entheta. CD then spoke to GH who said the same thing. GH told her that she had discussed the matter with IJ and he also said the org is too entheta and the meeetings/musters are too entheta and that’s why he left. CD got keyed in about whatever experiences she had had, especially during the basics evolution.”

“KL: … About two months ago Albert & I saw her to see if we could start the cycle of recruiting her to re-sign when her contract is up. In that comm cycle she said the reason she is leaving is because she has no social life and hasn’t been able to get a 2D and it’s because she is on staff. We tried to handle her on that, but she insisted she has no dynamics, etc. She also said it’s due to the fact that we bypass her. We went over this in that comm cycle and seemed to resolve it. Albert & I had to apologise and take all the blame. … It looks to me like she agrees with the idea that people leave because the conditions in the org are so bad, and because myself and Albert are so bad, and mistreat the staff, and so people leave…”

There is a section in this report that states “People who I think are with the program, and most likely here for the long haul”. 16 names listed. Three years later and half of these are no longer on staff.

The last part of the report gives fairly deep details into the personal lives of parishioners. The sort of details that no one outside of the priest/penitent privilege (i.e. auditor and C/S) should be discussing.

If you were on staff at this time it could be you being spoken of in this way. If you were a public Scientologist, it could be you.

The paranoia that runs throughout this report is evident in the church today with their refusal to publish declares, or have open discussions or allow questions.

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PlainOldThetan  on December 29th, 2013

In general, I am loathe to say that a Scientology label applies 100% of the time.

But this report from scnafrica strikes me as very familiar.

In HCOB 24 November 1965 SEARCH AND DISCOVERY, LRH said there were different types of PTS:


There are Three Types of PTS.

Type One is the easy one. The SP on the case is right in present time, actively suppressing the person.

Type Two is harder for the apparent Suppressive Person in present time is only a restimulator for the actual suppressive.

Type Three is beyond the facilities of orgs not equipped with hospitals as these are entirely psychotic.

The Type Three PTS is mostly in institutions or would be.

In this case the Type Two’s apparent SP is spread all over the world and is often more than all the people there are—for the person sometimes has ghosts about him or demons and they are just more apparent SPs but imaginary as beings as well.

All institutional cases are PTSs. The whole of insanity is wrapped up in this one fact.

The insane is not just a bad off being, the insane is a being who has been overwhelmed by an actual SP until too many persons are apparent SPs. This makes the person Roller Coaster continually in life. The Roller Coaster is even cyclic (repetitive as a cycle).

In HCOB 27 September 1966 THE ANTI-SOCIAL PERSONALITY THE ANTI-SCIENTOLOGIST, LRH talks about the extreme symptoms which a psychotic exhibits:

When such a personality goes insane the world is full of Martians or the FBI and each person met is really a Martian or FBI agent.

But the bulk of such people exhibit no outward signs of insanity. They appear quite rational. They can be very convincing.

However, the list given above consists of things which such a personality cannot detect in himself or herself. This is so true that if you thought you found yourself in one of the above, you most certainly are not anti-social. Self-criticism is a luxury the anti-social cannot afford. They must be RIGHT because they are in continual danger in their own estimation. If you proved one WRONG, you might even send him or her into a severe illness.

Only the sane, well-balanced person tries to correct his conduct.

In FEBC tape #3 7101C18, LRH defines insane this way: the most resistance you get toward being cured by anyone is an insane person. An insane person will resist being cured harder than anybody ever heard of because he knows everybody is Martians and they’re all out to get him, he knows there’s no help and so on. And that’s what makes him insane.

Of course, David Miscavige falls into the Type Three category. Everyone around him is a Martian or FBI agent or SP or has evil purposes and is out to destroy him.

But reading the report from scnafrica made me realize something.

The main function of the “church” of Scientology Inc these days is to perform witch hunts for “SPs”. After all, HCOB 27 September 1966 tell us When we trace the cause of a failing business, we will inevitably discover somewhere in its ranks the antisocial personality hard at work. It also says Man in his anxieties is prone to witch hunts.

Since the “church” of Scientology Inc is failing, as a business, the A=A=A=A computation invoked by Scientologists requires them to conclude that one or more antisocial personalities are hard at work.

As I reported in this post, the Dallas “Ideal Org” was busy terrorizing its staff and field, trying to find the SP or SPs that was keeping the stats depressed.

I wrote in that same post that the problem with the Dallas witch hunt was that they were operating on an idée fixe: that the SP was Dallas staff or Dallas public. They weren’t allowed to look up the org board for the SP.

And with David Miscavige in the picture, the corruption and suppressions runs all the way to the top of the or board.

Conveniently, though, the way that Scientology ethics are applied precludes David Miscavige being named as the SP.

I have written in another post that the church does not allow David Miscavige to be named in an S&D or PTS interview.

So the SP witch hunts have degenerated into perpetual SP witch hunts.

You can’t look to where the actual SP is, so you can’t see the actual SP.

But the South African story is a new twist on the sad tale of performing a witch hunt in a field of Martians.

The clever SPs in South Africa preemptively diverted the SP hunt by writing reports, naming public and staff so as to appear “with the program” and cultivate immunity from the SP hunt.

If you’re familiar with 1.1 on the tone scale (covert hostility) you’ll see from the Chart of Human Evaluation in Science of Survival that the Psychiatric Range of a 1.1 is Psychotic. Sound familiar?

The Speech: Talks/Speech: Listens entry says Talks in apparent theta but vicious intent. Lies. / Listens little but mostly to cabal or gossip. Lies.

The next column says a 1.1 will only Relay only malicious comm.

Column Q says Uses sly means of controlling others.

Column Y says Nullifies others to get them to a level where they can be used. Devious and vicious means. Hypnotism, gossip. Seeks hidden control.

The whole row is interesting but those are the highlights.

My point is that the embedded SPs in the church are the ones that have deciphered how to use the Scientology “system” for their own protection.

This is why injustice is so prevalent in Scientology.

The Martians can’t be located because they’re the ones busy writing the false reports.

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