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The Joys of Coffee Shop Auditing

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When I was studying Scientology in the mid-late Seventies, course rooms were filled with auditors in training. We students were armed with more data on the human mind and spirit than we could ever have imagined just a  few months before.

Most of us were on the way to realizing the dream we had carried for many years: We could really help someone and change their lives for the better with a little bit of two way communication.

As a result, there was a lot of help going on and people were having huge wins receiving and delivering what was called coffee shop auditing sessions. The great majority were assist actions and the students  seemed to have no backoff on delivering an assist or a locational when needed.

I’m sure that some of these ad hoc sessions required repair and those involved got crammed, but the vast majority of coffee shop session I was aware of produced wins and gave auditors certainty that the Tech worked.

The availability of coffee shop auditing also created an atmosphere where preclears and students knew that they could get free help just by asking for it. When that help was forthcoming and produced the usual results, it gave the recipients an incentive to get trained themselves.

One night I was driving another student home and he asked me about a persistent mental image picture that just would not go away.  He had never received auditing and I asked him if I could help him deal with this picture.

We had an hours drive ahead of us on a Throughway and would not be interrupted so I asked him to tell me about the picture (which I could see quite clearly).

We ran a Book One process until it blew. By the time it erased, he had run out  a past life murder and his subsequent death.  As you could imagine, we ended off on a huge win before I exited the Throughway and delivered him to his front door.

The next day, he went in for an attest cycle and joined staff.

It seemed to me that those kinds of miracles were commonplace in those halcyon days when tech was being used instead of  rationed and controlled. Being able to help others is what Scientology was about.

Controlling others by withholding scientology is what current management seems to favor. Once people know what the tech can do for them, denying access to the tech is the ultimate suppression. Some Sea Org members go for years with no auduting and no case gain.

That situation can be remedied when Independent Scientology gets organized and starts cleaning up the abuses comitted under the g uise of “command intention”.

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The Joys of Coffee Shop Auditing  on November 25th, 2009

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Plain Old Thetan  on April 8th, 2010

I have helped many people by listening to them. In some cases, I have done more.

I remember, in particular, one staff member who kept making mistakes and having stuff stolen and so forth. I was driving him to brunch one Sunday and decided to pull a string or two on possible PTSness.

He said he’d had a PTS interview (as it turned out by someone NOT trained). I pointed out that he was still having the problems he’d had *before* the PTS interview and he agreed. So I asked him if the item found in the PTS interview was a correct item. The answer of course, was NO.

Then I said “So who is suppressing you?” He looked…and looked…and finally said “My calculus professor”. He then broke down in a half-hour line-charge of tears.

After he regained his composure we had brunch. The next day, he dropped calculus.

And he hasn’t roller-coastered since.

Oh, yeah, I wrote up the conversation for his pc folder and two years later I got an out-tech chit from a zealous Flag-trained C/S who obviously thought I shouldn’t have written it up. He thought that the only way one can correct an out list or bad PTS item is with a metered L4BRB.

My point is: you CAN help the person in front of you. You just have to have the ‘nads to do it.

WWRD? (What would Ron do?) He’d help the person in front of him.

OldAuditor  on May 1st, 2010

There you go again.
Spreading unauthorized theta!

We don’t have a chit for that in Independent Scientology :)

plainoldthetan  on May 3rd, 2010

When auditing becomes outlawed, only outlaws will be auditing.

Axiom  on June 8th, 2013

That is a great story. Loved it. Always great to hear wins that an auditor has had. Those are my greatest wins. When I think of the Legacy that Ron has left us (entrusted us with), I have to say that the greatest part is the ability to help another being. It is the one thing that we have never had. I know nothing that compares to helping someone overcome something that he has been beaten down by for quite some time. Nothing is even close!

elizabeth hamre  on September 19th, 2013

David I love reading your posts… :)

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