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Petition started to revoke 501(c)(e) status for Scientology Inc?

petition_10748199_sIf you go to this link, which is on the White House’s website, you’ll find that two days ago, someone tried yet again to get the Obama administration to take action against the “church” of Scientology Inc.

This time it’s to revoke Scientology Inc’s tax-exempt status. But the filed petition page says that the “church’s” status is 501(c)(e).

I’ve searched online but I haven’t yet found a definition for 501(c)(e).

(“3” is right next to “e” so this might just be a typo. Anyone? Anyone?)

Is someone really trying this? Or is someone jerking our chain?

Haven’t they heard of how the Obama Administration already rejected a petition to launch an FBI probe into Scientology Inc’s criminality?

Anyway, if someone’s serious about this, they ought to sign the petition.

Nothing torques Miscavige off more than a public garnering of attention on his scams.

— written by Plain Old Thetan

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Cece  on February 1st, 2014

POT I think it’s incorrect too but don’t know enough to correct him. I share your view – Let ’em have at it! It is wonderful to see so much support in any form from so many persons, many were not directly harmed.

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