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Falling credit cardsMike Rinder posted this week about the donation scheme being offered by the “church” of Scientology Inc in order to create an erection called The LRH Hall and Museum.

It got me thinking.

Scientologists are already tapped to the max in the donation department. And Steve Mango’s testimony film accurately relates how Sea Org members are intimately familiar with the tricks needed to raise the limits on parishioners’ credit cards for “donations”.

Not services. Raw monetary donations. With no exchange given as a result.

If you’re an already-strapped Scientologist, your credit cards are already at 18% or 21%. Especially if the “church” convinced some credit card company to raise your credit limit because of some feigned “emergency”.

Here’s the echelons of “donation statuses” for the LRH Hall and Museum.



I wondered, if I was still insane and living inside Miscavige’s bubble, what would happen to me if I “decided” to donate $10,000 to this boondoggle. And let’s say that someone managed to convince me that $10,000 was the only “donation” that would make a difference.

And since I’m a Scientologist, my credit cards are already maxed.

So how long would it take me to pay off $10,000 on a 21% credit card? How much would it cost me to “donate” $10,000 to this farce using that credit card?

I found a credit card minimum rate calculator online and used it to figure out what such a donation would really extract from me.


Hmmmpf. The calculator tells me I would pay $17,000 in interest alone in order to pay off that debt over a period of 29 years!

At the end of 29 years, I’m out $27,000 for a $10,000 “donation”!

Not to mention the “minimum payments” I’m making on my twelve other credit cards!

This is information a Scientology donation reg will not tell you.

Even if you wanted to stay “in”, even if you thought this would be a one-time expenditure, you could save the money in a savings account and actually earn interest rather than pour it out an open vein in your arm. Sure, the “church” needs the money now.

Don’t forget that LRH himself wrote in HCOB 21 June 1970 SUPERFICIAL ACTIONS that The result is the result and TIME IS JUST AN ENTERED ARBITRARY.

He says in the book Notes on the Lectures in chapter GROUP DIANETICS that The problem here is the problem of the introduction of arbitraries.  Each time an arbitrary rule is entered into the group ideas and rationale the group tone deteriorates.

He says in Dianetics Auditor’s Bulletin of 1 September 1951 BASIC REASON – BASIC PRINCIPLES that To aberrate an organism it is only necessary, then,  to interrupt the reasoning process of this organism and force an arbitrary conclusion on the organism.

(I love this issue. It’ got a major point every 2 paragraphs that Miscavige violates. I recommend reading the whole thing.)

And LRH said in lecture 6207C26 ROUTINE 3GA DATA (SHSBC 195) that Every time you introduce an arbitrary into an action, you inevitably will develop a little confusion around that arbitrary. This is a law.

In HCOB 23 August 1968 I ARBITRARIES LRH says Any arbitrary entered into any line is a way to stop that line.

So the essence of the story is this: Miscavige’s Scientology is built on nothing but arbitraries, which are making it cannibalize itself.

The object of the game is not to make Ideal Orgs. It is clear the planet, something Miscavige isn’t doing.

And clearing people isn’t done by taking $27,000 out of someone’s pocket for no auditing.

Remember, LRH said in lecture 6203C01 MODEL SESSION, PART II (SHSBC 125) All  ARC breaks stem from no auditing. The only reason the pc ever has an ARC break. No auditing.


Of course, taking the pc’s money and not auditing him is denying him Dianetics and Scientology.

The bottom line is: Mercenary regging for donations onto credit cards actually ends up denying an individual his access to Dianetics and Scientology.

This ends up ARC breaking parishioners, who then leave the “church”.

Big surprise.

It doesn’t take one of the highest-IQ most-perceptive all-knowledgeable people on earth to see that piling money on credit cards for Scientology donations  is a really, really, really, bad idea.

Yet, this is Scientology’s real concept of eternity.

Give them some money and be in debt to a credit card company for eternity.

A really bad idea.

Possibly Helpful Advice of the Week

Don’t put money for Scientology on credit cards.


And if you can’t follow that rule, at least follow this one:

Don’t ever put money for an IAS “status” on a credit card.

Never. Ever.

— written by Plain Old Thetan 

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Jane Doe  on January 31st, 2014

Great article, POT. And in the green on white references, LRH said, “Make more than you spend, and spend less than you make.” And LRH further has references about never ever buying on credit. In the SO they are not allowed to buy on credit. Money has to be there for the purchase BEFORE ever making that purchase. That is why the Ad Council and FP Council have to approve CSW’s for what to spend money on. So that was LRH. Why has DM gone completely opposite of what LRH says here? So that DM’s own pockets can be lined with all the money from stupid parishoners who don’t read the LRH references and follow them. If they did, they wouldn’t be in a fix now.

David J Mudkips  on January 31st, 2014

“Do not go into debt”

Citations: HCOPL 2 JUNE 1959, HCOPL 3 JUNE 1959


Rine  on February 1st, 2014

As a side note, I know from an active paying Scientologist that SOrg members at Flag put the little money they earn into pyramid schemes such as Just Been Paid; this tells you the depths into which their personal finance has sunk and how far they have deviated from the actual source of admin tech. Personnel at the Mecca are a NON example to parishoners and they dont even bother to hide it, as someone actually recommended this scheme to my dumb friend!

POT great article! There is just no way around the hard core down to earth fact that the CoS will terminate personal finance. Sea Orgs and Regs are trained to use the arbitraries data to get parishoners to believe that time is of no importance regarding credit cycles and the future, completely disregarding parishoners REAL life on planet earth.

PlainOldThetan  on February 1st, 2014

Just so our readers know, Just Been Paid is a “scheme” to get gullible poor people to provide their last $10 to a fund that earns an indeterminately large amount of interest, which the investors are supposed to believe is being redistributed back to the investors. Link here.

It’s basically a Ponzi scheme that sucks a person in with a $10 investment, returning $15 (principle and interest) in 60 days.

The assurance of a “payoff” convinces people to turn the whole payout they just “received” back to the fund.

Like Madhoff’s Ponzi scheme, the “investors” are all happy as long as their $10 is producing a 50% return every 60 days. “Letting it ride”, at least on paper, results in a $113.91 payout after a year.

But as I said, the payout is only in the mind of the beholder. The scheme depends on the participants believing that they could collect the payout at any time instead of letting it ride.

As far as I can tell, Just Been Paid collapsed when it was sold to a “foreign investor” and enough people backed out (took their payouts) to make the “fund” unviable when further payouts couldn’t be made.

It seems that investing in JBP visited the sins of the “church” upon its own staff members.

Cece  on February 1st, 2014

Have staff forgotten the terrible consequences committing finance irregularities? They must think they are all superior beings and are protected due to doing ‘the greatest good’ for this planet in such terrible shape….
Oh man how these overts must be justified AND agreed on by one an all. I never heard of group overts before except in the mafia but that seems to be what is happening.

PlainOldThetan  on February 2nd, 2014

“Command Intention” (as redefined by Miscavige) is that staff not read, understand or follow LRH. In fact, the only “ethics protection” one can be afforded these days is a result of not following LRH and not following policy. See this post.

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