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Feb. 11: Vanity Fair “Scientology’s Missing Queen” issue hits newsstands

vfmar14cv1Yes, the Vanity Fair issue hit the newsstands February 11.

For a magazine, it’s what I consider is an expensive issue.

My copy cost me $6.00.

But it’s invaluable to have it in hard copy.

Remember that Tony Ortega reviewed the article and pointed out some factual shortcomings in his post here.

Maybe Vanity Fair will produce so many “expose Miscavige” articles they can produce a single anthology edition sometime in the future.

Unfortunately for my purposes, the cover is a three-page fold-out affair, and the “cover” story about Shelly is featured on the third page of the fold-out.

Oh, well. Maybe next time.

— written by Plain Old Thetan


Update 14 February 2014

I almost forgot to add Vanity Fair’s circulation of 1,205,229 to Miscavige’s Damaging PR total, bringing the sum to 705,388,429 since June 2013. I didn’t count the cover, because it can’t be seen while the magazine is on the newsstands.

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