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Evgeny Zharkin death still shrouded in mystery

outlineAs we reported weeks ago, Scientologist Evgeny Zharkin’s body was discovered after apparently falling from the building where he lived in Clearwater.

It was reported then that Clearwater officials were investigating to determine how he died.

Since then, there has been nothing but deafening silence.

Even the county coroner should have an opinion by now as to the cause of death: suicide, murder, “indeterminate”.

But the county that brought us the Scientology-purchased “cause of death” for Lisa McPherson seems to be doing it again.

Remember that the police in Clearwater are in the pocket of Scientology Inc. Just ask Mark Bunker.

And Marty Rathbun has reported several times about (testified about, been deposed about) (1) (2) (3) (4) the Miscavige-ordered judge-influencing activity in the McPherson case.

It is not “drawing a long bow” to entertain the possibility that Scientology Inc has, once again, influenced justice officials in the Clearwater area to “just kind of ignore” an investigation into Scientology Inc’s involvement in a mysterious death.

And, as I’ve posted before, inquiring minds want to know if Evgeny Zharkin had been eaten alive by massive “donations” to the IAS that were put on credit cards and caused him to go into despair and kill himself.

We do want to know if his death is Scientology-linked. And if it’s not Scientology-linked, we want to know what it is linked to.

I have contacted the Tampa Bay Times who tell me that the “police blotter” reporter is aware of the death, but that no information has been forthcoming from the Clearwater police or Scientology Inc.

Big surprise.

But that doesn’t kill our curiosity. Or our right to know.

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Hey Clearwater PD! Don’t get the reputation that the LAPD has for covering up Scientology crimes! Find out what happened to Zharkin!

We also still want to know “Where’s Shelly?”

— written by Plain Old Thetan

Update 18 February 2014

Wouldn’t you know it? Mark Bunker already did an expose video about Scientology Inc’s unholy relationship with the Clearwater Police Department. And how was that relationship established? With undocumented and unpublicized under-the-table payments to the police officers themselves and the police and city administrative officials.

All done with “parishioner” money.

We’re using the copy that’s up on Karen de la Carriere’s Surviving Scientology YouTube Channel.

Karen also maintains a blog on Steve Hall’s scientology-cult site, which features her videos and offers additional written commentary about the “church” and her videos. Add it to your daily “Scientology must visit” sites list.

For those readers in Clearwater 

Whether you are an active member or you are a ex-member or you are an under-the-radar pseudo-member, you should be aware that your city government has sold its soul to the unethical criminal entity that I call the “church” of Scientology Inc.

For example, the presence of the “church” in your town adversely affects tourism. And it’s basically destroyed your downtown business district.

As long as the Clearwater city officials kowtow to Scientology Inc, Clearwater will continue to lose business and real estate tax revenues that you are making up for in sales tax.

If you have a copy, re-read HCO PL 9 July 1980 R ETHICS, JUSTICE, AND THE DYNAMICS. It used to be in OEC 0. And it used to be in the Introduction to Scientology Ethics book.

God knows where you can find it now, after Miscavige has alter-ised every LRH basic book.

Use your power as a citizen and go to city council meetings and use your power to write letters to the city council to alter its actions.

Organize to get sycophant city officials removed from office and replaced with officials you can trust to operate in the citizens’ interest.

You can “flow power to power” with a clear conscience if you’re supporting a city council that isn’t in the pocket of Scientology Inc and its chief criminal, David Miscavige.

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