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Rain in L.A. causing real “Grand Opening” washout

footbullet_We’ve already predicted problems with the so-called Pacifica Bridge celebration originally scheduled to start tomorrow (Friday). But, as usual, Miscavige’s mistakes intrude into Miscavige’s unreality.

Today, Tony Ortega has reports that the timing of the Pacifica re-re-rededication and re-re-reopening events have been rescheduled…again. I stole this from his site:

More Scientology panic over a Pacific storm

Scientology went into full panic mode yesterday as its last-minute plans for building re-dedications in Los Angeles turned out to be badly timed.

We told you yesterday that the threat of a storm of historic proportions had convinced church planners to move their parties back a couple of days. Then yesterday we were smuggled panicky messages saying that the ceremonies had been moved back, storm be damned. But by the end of the day, the move forward was back on as it became obvious it was not smart to compete with a deluge of rain.

So, now, the latest information we have is that the ceremony for the American Saint Hill Organization (ASHO) and the Advanced Organization of Los Angeles (AOLA), both parts of the “Big Blue” complex on Fountain Avenue, will happen on Sunday March 2 at noon.

The next day, on Monday March 3, the Scientology Test Center — redubbed the Scientology Life Improvement Center — will get its dedication at 5:30 pm. That building is on Hollywood Boulevard just a block east of Hollywood & Highland, where the Academy Awards event is happening Sunday night.

Of course, we already predicted that the re-scheduling would occur. We just didn’t predict it would occur so much.

And, once again, Miscavige has painted himself in a scheduling corner by trying to get the “Pacifica Bridge Reopening” accomplished in time to have something to show at the LRH Birthday Event being held live in Clearwater March 15.

This is a double-problem, since Miscavige focused so extensively and exclusively on getting the Flag Super Power Building opened so he could have footage to show in the 2014 New Year’s Event. And that problem is exacerbated by the fact that no new Idle Orgs have opened this quarter.

So Miscavige has to force something to get done, so there’s footage to show in the LRH Birthday event.

Once again, Miscavige’s single-handed heroic measures force things to get done in Scientology for the sole arbitrary reason that Miscavige can take single-handed credit for accomplishing something that only Miscavige wanted done.

Without Miscavige’s single-minded obsessions, there’s not enough action or people in the church to merit all this fuss.

And no Scientologist with their senses about them in Los Angeles is going to persist through Monday rush-hour traffic, complicated by Sunday’s Academy Awards event on Hollywood Boulevard, in order to get a bused-to tour of the purposeless LA Org Ideal Test Center…er…Life Improvement Center…especially after a weekend of rain in Los Angeles.

Mike Rinder tells us the “church” is trying to get 10,000 people to attend this so-called Grand Opening fiasco, when odds are they aren’t even going to make the 2,500 they’ve been closing to show up at the Shrine for the past year.

And it’s funny that in the locus of the American film industry, the “church” will be hard-pressed to get 7,500 paid shills to show up for its event who will do little else than stand around shivering in the rain.

(Of course, all the suddenly-unemployed seat-fillers from the Academy Awards show will need something to do.)

It’s Miscavige foot-bulleting at whole new Orders of Magnitude!

— written by Plain Old Thetan

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