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How the “church” got 11,000 orgs, groups and missions…

Looking at the 2014 New Year’s Event you will be shocked to know that the “church” of Scientology Inc now claims it has 11,000 orgs, missions and groups to its credit.

Of course, no one knows where those 11,000 orgs, missions and groups are.

The “church’s” OMG stat has risen steadily…based on the reports given by His Omnipotent Omniscienceness David Miscavige at Int Events.

Yet no one can find anywhere near 11,000 orgs, missions and groups.

(Remember that the “church” of Scientology Inc denies having anything to do with Narconon, so those numbers can’t be counted.)

In 2010, a poster calling himself “George” over at scientology-cult did an analysis of the “church” claims that it then had over 8000 OMGs.

George’s conclusion was it was a bogus claim, amounting to an astounding missing 83% of the OMG number as compared to the verifiable data.


Miscavige told us at the 2013 New Year’s Event that the OMG count was 10,030. Which was “upstat” from the 2012 New Year’s Event count of 10,000. (The Harlem Idyllic Org site still claims “more than 10,000 Scientology Churches, missions, related organizations and affiliated groups minister to millions in 165 countries.”

Where the hell are they?

In fact, if the 83% inflation calculations can be extrapolated into 2014 from 2010, then the “church” claim of 11,000 OMGs is covering up for the fact there are only 1870 orgs, missions and groups.

So that gives is a better number to work with.

In fact, we can easily imagine how the “church” got that many.

A friend sent me this scan of a promo piece he saved from 2011.

It’s an invitation to form your own “group”.

He pointed out that he sent the form in.

And never received a reply.

He wondered how many people had done that…sent a response in…had it counted on somebody’s stats…and then, in expected Scientology Inc form…nothing else was ever done.

Just like with the “church” Volunteer Minister Program.

So what was this promo piece all about? Hint: it wasn’t to make “groups […] to minister to millions”.

It was to push a fabricated stat that means nothing until Miscavige runs a video at an Int Event. And means less than nothing when the video projector is turned off.


 — written by Plain Old Thetan

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space org cadet  on February 28th, 2014

Ihelp does not even seem to have a website, just glowing propaganda encomia. They are too busy saving 153 countries at once to go online.

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