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Has Miscavige Resigned Yet?

I’ve gotten a little tired of Miscavige’s fleecing and Tommy Davis’ dodging.

I want to know something simple.

Has Miscavige resigned yet?

And the answer better be “yes”.

I’ve gotten so sick of waiting that I’ve decided that it’s time to strike back.

After all, “when one can do anything about it, it is less suppressive” (HCO PL 26 December 66).

What I realized is that there’s a chink in Miscavige’s armor.

It’s called the staff members.

The current Church environment forbids staff and parishioners from looking at the internet*. Almost certainly there’s been briefings and “dead agent” packs to squelch Scientologists, their relatives, and their friends.

The chink is the staff members.

They’ll be following the dictates of their Dear Leader and trying not to pay attention to the furor. (pun intended)

But you have the means at your disposal to penetrate the shields, Scotty.

And it’s totally legal. Here’s how it works.

In most of the Scientology promo mailings I get there is a prepaid Business Reply Envelope (BRE).

I get about 25 of these envelopes every month in my unsolicited, unrequested, “I asked off the list 10 times”, Scientology promotional mailings.

I decided to put a little note in each BRE. It’s a simple note. No hate, swearing, or venom. This way the Church can’t legally claim it’s terrorist use of the USPS. If you want to, you can even leave the note out.

But not putting the note in won’t get a communication through to the Church staff who open the mail.

If you’re concerned about the Church using Private investigators to trace the originator, you might want to follow some simple guidelines, like not leaving DNA or fingerprints on any of the material you mail to the Church, and not putting on a return address.

DO NOT PUT A BRICK IN A BOX AND MAIL IT BY TAPING A BRE TO THE OUTSIDE OF THE BOX. Many years ago, I tried this with a particularly annoying magazine service and received the box back in the mail saying that the BRE’s permit didn’t allow more than 2-ounce letters to be mailed. When I asked, the post office told me that if they can’t figure out who mailed it, it will wind up in the dead-letter office only to be discarded.

Yeah, I know “there’s websites saying that works”. My first response to that is “there’s a website — with evidence — saying the earth is flat”. My second response is: “my intention is to cost the Church some money while delivering a particle that paints a picture that not everyone to whom the Church sends unrequested bulk mail is a happy camper.

By sending a BRE that looks like an ordinary letter, it will arrive in the Church and be opened by someone who might start to get the idea that something is going on contrary to the rosy picture painted by Miscavige.

Think about it: if they throw away the BREs, they might be throwing away money!

And they can’t do that. So some human being will have to open the BRE and extract and read the message. Imagine if some simple messages were included:

Where’s Heber?

Why are there guards tasked with keeping people INSIDE Int Base?

Where do my donations really go?

When did Scientology become a Ponzi scheme?

Dude! Where’s the staff?

What do I do when my local libraries refuse my Basics book donations?

Why are Basics being sold on Ebay for $1.00 per book?

What stations are running the Scientology TV ads that sell books?

When is the CST going to cancel CSI’s and RTC’s use of the copyrighted materials of Dianetics and Scientology?

Who do I write to in order to be part of the class-action suit against RTC?

What is the full procedure for refunds and repayments?

What condition is David Miscavige in when he lies to parishioners?

How much of the org’s tithes are going to pay private investigators to harass former Sea Org members?

Aren’t the goldenrod declares supposed to be posted on a public notice board somewhere?

How much of the org’s tithes are going to pay Sea Org members to make exorbitant (and unnecessary) gifts to Tom Cruise?

What happened to the concept of going Saint Hill sized?

When is OT IX going to be released?

How many Class XII auditors are needed to release Super Power? How many decades will it take to make them?

If there’s enough of these particles arriving on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, the handlers of these particles may start to get the idea, “Hey, something is going on!” And maybe one or two will talk to someone. Or read the internet.

And the snowball effect will start inside the Church instead of being hammered on the stone walls from the outside.

So for a minimal effort, individual ex-Churchites can do something about it. But shoulder-to-shoulder, we can have an effect Miscavige can’t ignore.

And he’ll be unable to hire as many PIs and lawyers at the same time.

— written by Plain Old Thetan

* (I find it fascinating that this “policy” isn’t in writing. It’s a hidden data line, then, isn’t it?)


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Mafiawog  on March 11th, 2011

Quite ingenious. I remember reading someone’s old tactics about simply mailing the stuff back to cost them money, but this doesn’t do much more than waste time and energy on the part of the USPS, as well as probably ultimately causing more money to be demanded (New Year’s event 2012: “Number of mail inserts for more information on Scn received increased by 200%!” I mean, “Increased 24X/200X/31.243X”, whatever they run with. At least this way there’s more potential for a productive effect of the mailings.

I will check anyway, but you mentioned 2 lbs as a limit- the CoS pays a flat rate, right? So 1oz coats the same as 2lbs to them? No extra effect by mailing stuffed envelopes of their own stuff or blank paper?

Mafiawog  on March 11th, 2011

While I’m thinking about it, since it might be useful in this case, would you (P.O.Thetan) and/or anyone who knows LRH quotes pretty well be willing to make a list of _references_ to LRH quotes which may be useful in planting seeds, so to speak? The references are short and sweet, and may be intriguing enough that the letter-opener may check their texts and see it, not be able to deny it is indeed an LRH quote (as opposed to something someone made up or altered), and… well it goes from there. Perhaps an open submission from readers?

OldAuditor  on March 11th, 2011

Excellent idea!

LRH has written enough about thinking for yourself that one could find a quote to address most of the inanities that staff members grumble about.

They might have a reality on that one point, so you could write a second line that would point them toward a realization.

PlainOldThetan  on March 11th, 2011

The standard permit is for 2-OUNCE letters. They’re charged back to the church at $1.14 per ounce.

Mikw  on March 12th, 2011

Actually the brick thing used to work, then the PO changed the rules to what they are now.

When I was getting mail from scn. I would print out the page at:


and put that in the BRE and mail it to them.

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