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Finding your way after leaving the cult of Scientology

How the “church” keeps parishioners and critics in line

Vimeo is hosting undated video of an in-studio interview with some private investigators done by Howard Stern.

The half-hour interview has about 4 minutes of talk about the investigators’ involvement with the “church” of Scientology Inc seven to ten years ago. The segment starts at offset 22:12 and runs to offset 25:46.

(The predictably salacious Stern had much more interest in the P.I.s’ cheating spouse operations; you don’t need to listen to all that. Most of it is pretty foul.)

The one thing I snagged was that the lead P.I. was apparently at CC Int and saw Tom Cruise and was told that Tom had entered CC for course by “using a secret entrance”, which is independent verification of Jenna Miscavige’s tales about it.

There’s nothing you don’t already know, but it’s interesting to hear a P.I. talk about the “church” of Scientology Inc’s use of Private Investigators.

• Important safety tip: don’t set your trash out on the curb for pickup. There are locales where it is legal for a “church” P.I. to pick through it and steal your notes, tossed mail, etc.

• Take the trash to a dumpster, a landfill, or put the trash in the garbage truck yourself.

• Remember that Mike Rinder posted video of a church P.I. bribing his garbage man to give Mike’s garbage to the P.I.

• Use a shredder for all communications that can be traced back to you: notes, letters, post-its, grocery lists, battle plans, do-lists, phone messages, bills, 1040s; use a crosscut type shredder as that makes reassembling the pieces more difficult

• Don’t think that just because it’s not a letter or printed out e-mail that it’s not something the “church” won’t find a way to use against you

• Note that in the Wikipedia history of paper shredders that the first practical shredder was invented by a guy trying to chop up anti-Nazi propaganda so he wouldn’t attract the attention of the Gestapo.

— written by Plain Old Thetan

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