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Miscavige, the Tiger

tiger_cartoonHere’s a piece of “church” of Scientology Inc lore most people have never seen.

It’s Flag Order 872, titled A TIGER.

In it, LRH describes a label of Tiger to be assigned via Comm Ev to any “pretended Sea Org member who has been repeatedly associated with goofed projects and operations and missions and who actually caused such to occur. He is a person who is a continual out-ethics person. He has failed to get ethics in on himself and he is in a group of people as a TIGER would be – DANGEROUS. … [The label] serves to warn executives to keep such a person off exec posts. … It has been found by correlating lists of people in goofed projects that a continual recurrence of several names occurs. So this way we have these people labeled and we will have trouble sources isolated”


Fascinating. Let me just take a look at some of the “church’s” failed and goofed projects, operations, and missions:

• The Mark VIII Ultra Warehouse EZ-Bake E-meter, which is causing the “church” to send out Sea Org missions to force people to buy it

• A division called I-HELP that is dying and dead because field auditing, a key point in LRH’s Bridge flow plan, has been criminalized

• GAT I (did not create auditors en masse, in fact, it lost more auditors than it made)

• GAK (didn’t even get every OT VIII and OT VII on the planet through its enforced study line-up)

• GAT II and the Flag building (which led to loss of auditors-in-training off the SHSBC, Levels, and closure of missions, and shrinkage of tech staffs all over the world)

• The intimidation and surveillance of the Rathbuns

• Failure to effectively hide the “church” role in Lisa MacPherson’s death

• The intimidation and surveillance of the Rinders

• The intimidation and legal hysterics surrounding  Debbie Cook, with a massive payoff to get her out of the country

• The ongoing lawsuits against Narconon

• Legal problems for Scientology Inc in France

• Ideal Orgs that remain empty

• Failure to materially prove that “70x expansion” has occurred

• Legal threats from Ireland and England regarding claims  and misrepresentations made in Int Event videos

• Failure to handle Leah Remini’s disagreements with her treatment at the hands of Scientology Inc

• Failure to rein in Kirstie Alley’s outlandish public statements about Scientology Inc and Remini

• Failure, even after summit meetings with prominent Scientology celebrities, to recover good PR for the “church” of Scientology Inc

• Failure to effectively correct conditions in the “church” so that constant the declaring of parishioners to be Suppressive Persons can cease

• Failure to keep the bad news about Declares and Disconnection out of the press

• Failure to keep high-echelon Scientologists from daily leaks of damning information to bloggers like Mike Rinder

• Failure to convince government officials in Italy, Germany, France, and Australia that Scientology is harmless and should be left alone

• Failure to correct Sea Org recruitment activities so that families aren’t destroyed

• Failure to contain the stories publicizing Tom Cruise’s wife-shopping campaign

• Failure to contain the stories concerning the missing wife of Scientology Inc’s leader

• Failure to make even one Ideal Org Saint Hill sized

• Failure to irrefutably prove that the “church” of Scientology Inc isn’t bankrupting parishioners

• Failure to stem the exodus of escaping Sea Org members

• Failure to stop the publication of Janet Reitman’s book

• Failure to stop the publication of Lawrence Wright’s book

• Failure to stop the publication of Jenna Miscavige’s book

• Failure to stop the publication of John Sweeney’s book

• Failure to set up an Ideal Org staff pay system that is equitable

• Failure to stop the operation of Marty Rathbun’s blog

• Failure to stop the operation of Mike Rinder’s blog

• Failure to stop disaffection among parishioners, even by spending money on Super  Bowl ads

• Failure to shut down ESMB

• Failure to stem the leakage of restricted  “church” videos to the internet

• Failure to demonstrate the effectiveness of Scientology to black people in Harlem and Inglewood

• Failure to raise enough money to open the Valley Ideal Org

• Failure to raise enough money to build and open the Pac Auditorium

• Failure to make the Freewinds a safe, healthy environment for parishioners

• Failure to retain enough Scientologists to keep Scientology Inc above the make-break point

• Failure to make the projected income from the GAK materials releases, requiring price drops to move those few items that did get sold

• Failure to rein-in Tony Ortega’s more-than-daily posts about Scientology Inc failures (even though Tony did “get resigned” from the Village Voice, that move allowed him the latitude to do daily posts about the “church”)

• Failure to make a successful big-budget science-fiction film with L. Ron Hubbard’s name on it

• Failure to save two of Tom Cruise’s marriages (maybe three)


Now, who was associated with every one of these failed/goofed projects, missions, and operations?

That’s right, David Miscavige.

But David Miscavige is immune from having a Comm Ev called on him, as some mechanism would have to exist in the Sea Org hierarchy to allow a board to convene that would have authority over him.

Even Captain Kirk could be reined in by Doctor McCoy, who had the authority to remove the captain from post for cause. (It’s kind of like the SPY in STRATEGO being the only piece that can kill the most powerful piece (the Marshal).)

Therefore, Miscavige can never be put on the TIGER LIST where he can be barred from executive posts.

And time has proven that Miscavige won’t put ethics in on himself.

And therefore, it is left to the rest of us to put in Miscavige’s ethics ourselves.

— written by Plain Old Thetan

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crane007  on April 3rd, 2014

Great, Great article

Jane Doe  on April 3rd, 2014

Excellent post POT! And if any of you still have the old red Tech Dictionary, look up the word “tiger” in it and you’ll see a similar definition. I will bet my last dollar that DM has taken that word and definition out of the “new and improved” dictionary he has been on the verge of issuing for decades now. In any course room it is almost impossible if not impossible to find the old red Tech Dictionary, probably because there are things in it like “tiger” that will point fingers to David Miscavige.

PlainOldThetan  on April 3rd, 2014

In my tech dictionary, the definition comes from this Flag Order:



But, as the definition notes, LRH doesn’t always use the word in this way. In KSW 1, he uses it thusly:


OSAHater  on April 6th, 2014

I’m so disappointed you overlooked these failed/goofed projects:

– The 100-volume set of R&Ds promised in the ’90s.

– OEC Volumes 1-7

– the “updated” set of tech vols promised over ten years ago by IAS reges.

– LRH’s plan was to put ten missions around every org, but for every Ideal org that gets opened, there’s ZERO missions

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