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Our man in Pac weighs in on March 22 LRH Birthday Event

dumbass-logo_We have many, many people that slide us information under the table. This tale comes from a source calling himself Stupa Pupa.

I’ve interspersed my own comments along with his report.


March 22 Shrine Event in Pacifica area

The Shrine Birthday event was about 50% full.

The Shrine seats 5946. So the obvious conclusion is that only 3000 attendees were at the event. Some “biggest ever”.

Many people were not standing to clap at ach opportunity. (Actually it is good to stretch.)

The enthusiasm for Miscavige’s serial lying seems to be fading.

The LRH stories were pretty minor.

Wait! Could that mean that Dan Sherman’s ability to embellish is fading? Or did Sherman receive orders from Miscavige to not tell lies in his presentation?

Regging was pretty mild afterward. Mostly with trying to get people on services.

Could it be that someone is getting sensitive to public opinion about regging…er, sorry, public HE&R…about regging?

The food was good. There was tons of food left over, probably because fewer people attended than they were expecting.

I remember in the late ’80s that thinking you were going to a Scientology event at the Shrine in order to get something to eat was a big mistake. There never, ever was enough “finger food”, and you wasted most of the post-event side-hall time standing in line for more of the tidbits to arrive.

There was enough birthday cake to feed the herd of people who did not show up.

Most startling was the low number of Birthday Game points for the South African orgs! (Like 900 for the 2nd and 3rd place orgs) Not a surprise to me, but it was amazing that they showed them!

We know that the South Africans were set upon by Sea Org Missionaires who declared everything that moved. It’s unclear if the mass declares allowed the stats to recover. But if you believe LRH in past years, and the Scientology Handbook in recent years,  52.6% of people got into Scientology through recommendation of a friend or relative.

If you watch your friends and what impressed you as successful long-term stable Scientologists getting declared SP and having to disconnect because they shared their opinion about the abuses handed out by Miscavige, the likelihood of recommending that a friend or relative come into the “church” is nil. Zero. Zip. Nada.

900 points still isn’t really chump change. It means you have to have an average of 17 Birthday Game points a week in order to make 900 points.

But in 2006, the international winning Mission accumulated 1835 BD game points. That same year, the second-place Class V Org totaled 2514 points.

That should give you a basis to compare the report from 2014 to previous years.

As usual, the French guy announced the results. (No title)

I figure that since the nominal international senior executive of Scientology Inc is ED Int Guillaume Lesevre, a French guy who is hauled out from The Hole annually to create the appearance that Scientology Inc has a “management team”, that’s who’s being described.

I observed what may be the clue to the false reports about attendance by the church. The couple in front of me handed in 4 tickets to have the stubs torn off. But they were only 2 people. I know there are many tickets handed out to people who don’t go. But this is the first time I saw extra tickets turned in. The staff that count the stubs can honestly report the attendance based on the stub count. But no one really counts the people.

In the early ’90s it was someone’s bright idea to compare the ticket stubs against the “confirms”. Then, for everyone who confirmed but didn’t show up…presumably based on the lack of a ticket stub…the person was written a KR by someone in the Int Event office.

It went even further. Scientology companies in the Pac area were given the list of noncompliant no-shows and were hauled into the Ethics Officer at work to get handled.

It seems like some people have figured out how to keep from getting KRd or hauled into a church or company Ethics office. Have someone turn in your ticket stubs for you. It’s kinda like having someone punch your timecard for you.

There are so many staff, maybe half the attendees. All my Sea Org friends were dressed in civvies.

Reports from recent escapee Jillian Schlesinger indicate that there’s about 2000 Sea Org members in the Pac area. There’s also five orgs in Pac. At about 60 staff (day and foundation) in each, that’s another 300.

There’s also five missions at about 6 staff each for 30. So by factoring in “mandatory staff attendance” we arrive at a figure of 2330 out of the 3000 attendees were staff and crew. So only 670 attendees were public.

That’s pretty embarrassing for the “fastest expanding church on earth”. Especially in Los Angeles, which the “church” used to boast that it had the largest concentration of Scientologists on Earth.

Other PAC news is that everybody has been removed from the SHSBC. Those students were sent to do the Student Hat and new TRs & Metering courses. One person I know said “That’s it” and he is not going to go back to start over. He used his money on account to buy a new meter to use as he is currently on OT7.

Maybe he hadn’t heard, but the OT VIIs were all herded to reges to buy new meters, new Purifs, Survival Rundown, GAT II Solo Auditor Course, and cramming with Word Clearers to make sure they hadn’t gone by any MUs in their enforced study of Miscavige’s GAK. He’s not going to dodge much of a bullet if he intends to stay on OT VII.

— Stupa Pupa

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elizabeth hamre  on April 4th, 2014

all that, and no mention of the birthday boy, and I wonder if he was there did he come in his birthday suit? :) :) :)

Gus Cox  on April 5th, 2014

They took everybody off the f**king BC??? What a bloody disaster!

PlainOldThetan  on April 5th, 2014

It might have been more accurate to say “They took the few people left on the BC off the BC?”

One of the things I detest about GAT and GAK “evolutions” is that very often the staff…who didn’t invent or in many cases even want the GAK or GAT evolution, are denied their stats.

LRH may have liked to say that one’s stats as a staff member were under one’s own control. Of course, that was before Miscavige.

Cece  on April 5th, 2014

Wow POT! Great news about the attendance and thanks for the inside skinny on how to not get KRed for non-attendance.
Sad in a way about the SHSBC but on the other hand why cover the hole. I feel for the staff that are now supposed to think their stats are caused internally so it’s their fault. All we can do is continue to get the truth out and it will be sooner the rest can get some relief. Thank you and Stupa Pupa (name makes me smile)

Cece  on April 5th, 2014

PS I was going to let you know – 2 of the 5 PAC orgs are SO and their count would be included in Jillian’s 2000.

PlainOldThetan  on April 6th, 2014

I presumed that people knew that Inglewood, Pasadena, Valley, Orange County, and LA Org are counted as PAC orgs for purposes of determining “mandatory staff attendance” at Shrine Int Events. The Int Events people don’t supply events on video to those Orgs with the presumption that the orgs will force their staff to attend Int Events, even if it’s not that person’s post time.

Jane Doe  on April 7th, 2014

This is the 3rd time (at least) in my history with the church that the BC has been emptied out. When will people wake up and realize he is doing everything he can to prevent auditors from auditing?

PlainOldThetan  on April 7th, 2014

The day that page 2 of the New York Times reports that Miscavige has escaped to a South American country without an extradition treaty with the United States. (Alas, it won’t be front page news.)

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