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Cruise reported to be dating fellow Scientologist Prepon

cruise-prepnApparently Tom Cruise’s midlife crisis and shit-sorry marriage record hasn’t stopped him from trying to score with fellow Scientologist Laura Prepon, at least according to Fox 411. The report adds as its last line that representatives for both actors have denied the connection.

One outright denial story is at UK’s Daily Mail.

Thehollywoodgossip.com is stating that the relationship with Cruise is why Prepon quit her Netflix show Orange is the New BlackRemember back when Nicole Kidman was married to Tom and she played psychiatrist Dr. Chase Meridian in Batman Forever? The Scientologists were all enraged about that. It’s not hard to imagine they’d be enraged about Tom’s latest prospect playing an imprisoned convicted lesbian drug dealer.

The report is echoed at The Wire and Syracuse.com. It’s claimed to be outright fact on the NY Post’s pagesix.

Heavy.com has five fast facts about the possible Cruise/Prepon bond.

Hold your breath, though. A link between these two was reported in November 2013, but was denied by both and the furor died down.

But here it is again.

If this turns out to be anything, at least I can hope that no one will coin a cutesy hybrid name like “TomKat” for the couple.

That’s about all of this story I want to report until (unless) the two show up kissing at the premiere of Tom’s next film.

— written by Plain Old Thetan

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elizabeth hamre  on April 17th, 2014

Hi …..”shit-sorry marriage record” well about the shit sorry marriage record, I have even worst record than Tom since I have had 4… now I do not feel insulted any ways, not at all by the above comment..
Hehehe, since I am totally clean on that subject because I have solo audited the ”shit out of” that topic. By the time I have had done solo auditing 3-4 hundred hours on the 4 blessed union by than I have found hundreds of reason why two people do the marriage bit, what are those reasons and why we pull each other in and the reasons are not true love, because love has nothing to do with why 2 people meet So I am not a bit surprised why marriages don’t work, why there are millions of divorces, why there is adultery, killing off each others partners or very much would like to do but never dare! I know why the millions of how to have better marriages and relationships out there giving advises and people do try those but fail.
So I don’t see why Toms marriages how many he had has to do with anything.
There are hundreds of other scientologist who had more than one licenced partners and I bet some scientologist have had many partner over the years without license and that too means that those relationship were shitty too, they have failed… yes we do fail but by now it looks normal, acceptable.
But it is not normal to be tied to someone, and I don’t believe that on Intangible Infinite meant to be tied to another Infinite by contract. This is my reality but I only written the fraction what I know of the bellesd uninon!

PlainOldThetan  on April 17th, 2014

Elizabeth: I wasn’t trying to push your buttons, but the buttons of the heinous guy who drags out “celebrities” to crow about the wonder of how Scientology makes marriages better, only to have thousands of marriages in Scientology dissolve, and Scientology families disintegrate, while he collects billions of dollars to hide in Caribbean offshore banks. He also called Tom Cruise “the most dedicated Scientologist I know” which insulted every billion-year-contracted 100+-hour-a-week Sea Org member the world over. Yet somehow, Tom Cruise has wound up as a horrible example of the supposed effectiveness of Scientology’s ability to keep marriages together. Tom Cruise also admitted in a deposition that his involvement with Scientology is what poisoned his marriage to Katie. Of course, the wife-auditioning melodrama is still on people’s minds. Add to that, the Napoleonic-complex guy who’s locked his wife away in an isolated armed-guarded prison mountain retreat is the same guy who gave Cruise a Freedumb Medal of Valor. And Cruise’s wife spent well over a year with her advisors and burner phones to arrange an ambush of Cruise that would get her out of the marriage with her daughter relatively unscathed…all while under the watchful eye of Scientology “handlers”.

I think that track record leaves me room to label his marriage record the way I did.

Tell you what. When you get marched out by Miscavige as a sacrificial lamb to talk about the good of Scientology in your life, after you fail to find husband #5 with Miscavige operating a dating service for you behind the scenes, when you put in a deposition that husband #4 split because of Scientology, I’ll be glad to write a post deliberately pushing your buttons. Keep me informed.

Hee, hee.

elizabeth hamre  on April 17th, 2014

As I said, No buttons were pushed wrong way, I got your point abou T.C. But for me by the last cognitions vanished an marriage I had no desire to date or have another partner and that was in 96. As you can see from my example that when the stimulations-motivations are erased… hehehe.. marriage is not on ones mind. I have not dated since than and that time I was 56.
I also have erased the mechanism which pulled in the guys. They were around me all my life, till the eraser and married 4 out of 21 proposals, you figure!

Scientology_411  on April 18th, 2014

PreCruise? Crupon?

Shame she left Orange is the New Black, that’s a great show. Bad move IMHO.

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