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Finding your way after leaving the cult of Scientology

David Miscavige’s Inspiration

A new contributor, Motti Morell, has taken an unconventional approach to understanding the possible source of Miscavige’s incredible desire for personal financial enhancement. He suggests that David is only following a time honored tradition of corruption that began with the Borgias. To give us some reality on this corruption, he has provided us with a short clip from the TV series, “The Borgias”. I think you will find his presentation persuasive…and chilling.

Miscaviges InspirationI watched the TV series “The Borgias” with Jeremy Irons. I edited the relevant excerpts from episodes 6 and 8 in season 3. Pope Alexander VI, Rodrigo Borgia, is regarded as the Catholic Church’s most corrupt and unscrupulous Pope.


LRH never agreed to donations except for actual services. But his successor who was born a Catholic, violently violated LRH policy and turned exchangeless donations into the COS’s main business.


It is most evident in Flag, where PC’s are requested to pay money not for services but for being allowed to advance on the bridge at all. Sins uncovered in confessionals can only be absolved by paying more money. When I refused to donate (after having fully paid for my services), I was driven out of my Oak Cove hotel room in the middle of the night and threatened with “losing my eternity”… Fuck them. Life has been much better outside ever since, in the indie world where LRH policy and tech is kept and not violated.

Interesting to see that DM didn’t invent anything; he just followed in a corrupt Pope’s footsteps… Some of my friends still inside see it but are afraid to sever their connections. Others refuse to see it for fear of unsettling their ‘stable datum’.


What kept me sane was my viewpoint from the start that I’m only in it for the tech, that the Organization is not the tech, that people (even Scientologists) are always imperfect, that greed and lust for power among humanoids (including Scientologists) is omniprevalent, that many unscrupulous, cynical leaders over the generations exploit their flock’s gullibility to extract money and obedience from them. All this has always been with the human race from the start, so why should it be different with the COS?

~Motti Morell

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